1. L

    Explosion rocks Oslo, Bomb blast near Norway prime minister's office

    A large bomb blast has hit government buildings in the Norwegian capital Oslo, killing at least two people and injuring 15 others. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, whose offices were badly damaged, described the situation as "very serious". Officials said some people were still inside the...
  2. hans

    Exact location of Pakistan N-Bomb Explosion... bast part of the story... its not Chagai Hills!

    Prior to its May 1998 nuclear tests, it was widely reported that Pakistan's nuclear weapons test site was located in the Chagai Hills region of Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province. The Chagai Hills region is an extensive area, and no additional details were published concerning the...
  3. C

    'Gas explosion' as CNG tipped to be over Rs 100 a kg.

  4. biomat

    Watch 2053 warheads explode - nuclear explosion timeline .. Must watch

  5. gazoomartian

    Explosion destroys Nato tanker in Khyber

    Gazoo Note: Stop drone strikes to stop tanker burning The Pak-Afghan border highway was subsequently closed, resulting in a suspension of the supply to Nato forces in Afghanistan PESHAWAR: A Nato oil tanker was destroyed following an explosion in the Khyber tribal region on Thursday...
  6. PkRevolution

    Huge explosion on the Sun surface today June 8, 2011, most spectacular prominence eruptions ever obs

    'Spectacular' Sun Blast Captured On Video 11:56am UK, Wednesday June 08, 2011 A spectacular explosion on the sun's surface has been captured by a Nasa space observatory - amid warnings it could disrupt satellite communications on Earth. Known as a coronal mass ejection, the...
  7. Night_Hawk

    Explosion Near Rainbow center Karachi

  8. Geek

    Explosion in Studio during Live Program

  9. biomat

    ACTUAL SHOT of NUCLEAR PLANT EXPLOSION -- Fukushima -- March 12, 2011