drone attacks

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    پانچ لاکھ قبائلی،امریکی جنگ کےمتاثرین

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  2. M Ali Khan

    UK NGO, with close links to Imran Khan, commissioned the Stanford-NYU study on drone attacks

    COMMENT: Shooting down drones with academic guns? I Dr Mohammad Taqi So the independent conclusions the NYU and Stanford arrived at, were facilitated, nay, fed to them by Reprieve and its Pakistan wing, the FFR Two new studies recently came out in the US criticising the use of...
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    PTI Dharna in Karachi Against Drone Attacks - 21 & 22 May - *Updates*

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    New wave of Drone Attacks is Coming..

    Guys Be ready for more sit-in and Processions. :angry_smile::angry_smile: http://www.pakistankakhudahafiz.com/2011/04/29/12637/ Petraeus Appointment Could Inflame Relations With Pakistan ISLAMABAD, Pakistan The appointment of Gen. David H. Petraeus as director of the Central...
  6. Wadaich

    Gen. Kiyani demands extradition of CIA - Chief Spy Pasha flies to USA. What is your take?

    Gen. Kiyani demands extradition of CIA agents from Pakistan, Chief Spy Pasha flies to USA after having successfully begged extension. Is it another false flag effort to cool down enraged public as army pimped out Davis. However, the drones attacks in Pakistan seem to be at halt after Kiyani's...