1. crankthskunk

    Rehman Malik Press Confress Live Coverage: Update are coming

    Rehman Malik has started his press conference, i will update this thread regularly for his important remarks.
  2. pakiace

    HAROON RASHEED EXPOSES media conspiracy for their blackout coverage to IMRAN KHAN (A must watch)

    The Legendary and honorary journalist of Pakistan Sir Haroon Rasheed bluntly exposes media chief editors conspiracy to deliberately observe a complete blackout and boycott media/print coverage to Imran khan FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING including his philanthropy work conducted out for any calamity hit...
  3. pakiace

    Why is media not giving coverage to Imran khan Faisalabad Jalsa?

    This statement raises many questions foremost to those who question Imran khan - why not dharna for load shedding, why not dharna for saleem shahzad, why no dharna for when my car tire got flat & i dont know how to change it, why no dharna given against my constipation, my headache, my tummy...

    HHMB Faisalabad Jalsa - Video Updates / Video clips of Faislabad Jalsa from Different Media Groups

    Video clips recorded from media channels will be posted here. If you have any Imran Khan speech Imran Khan before departing for Faisalabad Jalsa (July 24, 2011)
  5. sarmad

    No Media Coverage of Dharna?? Is this media really pro Pakistan???

    I have been flipping channels for past one hour to see If any of the channels will show a little bit of coverage of Dharna. It is extremely shameful that they are not even showing any update on bottom updates. I am extremely disappointed. Here are some of the screen shot from some channels.
  6. A

    Sirf Sach - 21st May 2011 - Dharna Coverage!!
  7. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 29th April 2011 - Mazhar Abbas - Begani Shadi Main Abdullah Dewaana (Coverag

  8. C

    Do Our Media Have Any Standards ? Forced Coverage Of Prince William's Wedding!

    DO OUR MEDIA HAVE ANY STANDARDS ? So called Pakistani media have 1-2 hours live coverage time for Royal Wedding but when it comes to our National issues they don't have time. What do we have to do with Royal Wedding ?
  9. TheYouth

    Why would Geo give coverage to the IPL!!!??!!?

    give coverage to the IPL!!!??!!? Our players were disrespected and embarrassed by the IPL few years ago and they have not been selected for the last 4 tournaments, the IPL is a racist organization!!! Still, our media is giving coverage to the IPL!! How do you guys feel about this?? I think it's...