1. ealtaf

    UBS: Euro Collapse Could Lead To Martial Law, Civil War

    Posted on Pakalert on September 8, 2011 Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet In a similar vein to how Hank Paulson threatened martial law on the streets of America if the bailout failed to pass, top banks like UBS are now warning of authoritarian or military government and civil war in a bid to...
  2. E

    Tonight with Jasmeen - 18th August 2011- From Civil Hospital with relatives of missing persons

  3. K

    Facts Behind Civil War In Karachi

    Facts Behind MQM Doing Civil War In Karachi close Karachi Pakistan MQM Killing Poor People in Ongoing Civil War
  4. Shahid Naama

    Shahid Nama with Dr Shahid Masood - 3rd August 2011 - Civil War in Karachi - What is Next??
  5. hans

    "Humanitarian Operation: Factual Analysis" Sri Lankan Civil War 1983-2009

    It’s always nice to be in a constant state of Comparative studies. In this Post I would like readers to go through a book published by Sri Lanka Government regarding its fight with LTTE. Its more like an Audit report, but gives out fantastic details… about War, lives, and Actual cost of...
  6. jhootaylog

    Mir Shakil ur Rahman (GEO TV/Jang Group) Wants Civil War in Sindh.

    Mir Shakil ur Rahman (GEO TV/Jang Group) Wants Civil War in Sindh. <font size="5"> <font size="5"> ???? ?? ?????? ???? ????? ???????? ???? ?? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?? ??? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ??????? ?? ...
  7. E

    Is this the right time for civil disobedience???

    Salam u Alikum Guys I have been visiting this forum for last 3-4 months and what I observed so far is that everybody wants "Change". I think this the only word on which our nation has consensus. There is no hope from current Political and Military regime and as Imran Khan used to say that we...
  8. C

    US planning Civil War in Pakistan to Destroy its Nuclear Assets- WAKE UP PAKIS

  9. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 12th May 2011 - Meeting of Civil & Army Leadership - Contempt of Abbotabad