1. rtabasum2

    That is how you make money.........sherrr

    In three years, PML-N waives off Rs280b loans Private companies got Rs50b written off over 30-year period. PHOTO: AP ISLAMABAD: In the murky business of waiving off bank loans, the incumbent government has put to shame the record of hundreds of private companies. Documents submitted in...
  2. karachiwala

    Will NON BELIEVERS enter Jannat?

  3. ahmadalikhan

    Fear or Happy News (Reward for True Believers is Near)...Oriya Article

    Oriya Maqbool Jaan mentioned the spiritual predictions of Sheikh Ahmad Yasin here, Please read the complete column specially last paragraph, and see how the predictions are coming true in 2011 for Muslim world (still much to come), although he mentioned 2010, but Finality always rests with...
  4. ahmadalikhan

    A Lesson from Ghazwa-e-Khandaq (Hardest Time on True Believers)

    When God's Help Appeared after Extreme Hardships and Testing of True Believers of Islam (A Lesson for All Pakistanis)
  5. P

    Challenge to All Desi HARP Believers- What is this? Any explanations

    The death toll from the tornadoes that hit the southern US this week has risen to 340, in one of the worst twister outbreaks in the country's history. Source: where are the conspiracy theorist now? Did USA do this to themselves? lol...
  6. QaiserMirza

    A Believers Attitude During Fitnah

    A Believer’s Attitude During Fitnah TIMES are difficult. Peace and security are scarce and fleeting. Humankind frequently suffers tribulations such as natural disasters, war and tyrannical rulers. Social and economic problems such as unemployment, divorce, permissive youth culture, terrorism...