1. M Ali Khan

    1986 interview of Sardar Ataullah Mengal republished by Herald foretold of current Balochistan crisi

    From the archives Balochistan is already under US command: Ataullah Mengal Shahid Nadeem Updated about 2 hours ago Photo courtesy: Shahid Nadeem. There was a time when Balochistan had become a trouble spot attracting the superpowers' attention. Radical and militant Baloch leaders...
  2. txqpzrk

    Please sign this petition to declare India as Terrorist state

    Over 100,000 Indians signed a petition on Whitehouse website yesterday, to Declare Pakistan a terrorist state. I think it is time to payback.Please sign this petition to declare India a terrorist state, for its activities in Pakistan specially in Baluchistan through its proxies. If we get...
  3. U

    Balochistan Kee Awam Pakistani Hai Aur Modi Ko Moo Tor Jawab Diya. Zindabad.

    Source: People of Pakistani province Balochistan gave a stern reply to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi by rallying against Prime Minister Modi on his statement on Balochistan and Kashmir. On 15th August, Indias Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi gave a...
  4. M Ali Khan

    'Whats wrong in Balochistan?' by Sanaullah Baloch

    By Sanaullah Baloch August 12, 2016 The loss of so many of the top brass legal professionals of Balochistan in a single moment is a shocking reminder that the province is far from being stabilised. Along with extremism, political violence and subsequent repressive policies of the state, the...
  5. C

    Pakistan Army Officer Balochistan Ke MPA's Ko Dant Pilate Hue

  6. خ

    کلبھوشن یادوّ کو زندہ رکھنا ضروری ہے۔

    کلبھوشن یادیو کو زندہ رکھنا ضروری ہے۔ ‎‫اگرچہ پاکستان سمیت دنیا بھر میں بہت سے کاروباری حضرات اور سیاستدانوں کا "پاجامہ لیک" ہو چکا ہے۔ "برندر مودی" کو سعوری عرب کا اعلیٰ ترین سول ایوارڈ مل چکا ہے۔ ویسٹ انڈیز کی ٹیم ورلڈ ٹی ٹوئنٹی چیمپئن بن چکی ہے۔ اسلام آباد والی "دھرنی" کا بھی دھڑن تختہ ہو...
  7. خ

    Baloch Awam Burn Indian Flags in Rally Raw Terrorism in Pakistan - Ary News

    Great to see that after all, Baloch people come to realise who is destroying social structure in Pakistan and creating anarchy. Now we Pakistanis should be cautious and must be prepared for retaliation from the "meanest" of the means. After all, they invested heavily and waited patiently to...
  8. ayazahmad1

    آغاز بلوچستان سے

    بلوچستان بدل رہا ہے پاکستان بدل رہا ہے۔ پاکستان کی تبدیلی کا آغاز بلوچستان سے ہی ہو گا۔ نیا پاکستان اگر بنے گا تو پہلے نیا بلوچستان بنانا ہو گا۔ بلوچستان ہے تو پاکستان ہے۔ اور پاکستان ہے تو بلوچستان ہے! یہی وہ تبدیلی ہے یہی وہ محبت ہے جو دشمن کو کھٹکتی ہے اور اسی لئے گاہے بگاہے بلوچستان...
  9. M Ali Khan

    Reko Diq: Pakistan's $10 billion problem

    HYPERNATIONALISM AND HYSTERIA CAUSED THE REKO DIQ DISPUTE. NOW BRACE YOURSELVES FOR THE IMPACT. by Feisal Naqvi Shah Marai—AFP Unless Pakistan manages to somehow reach a settlement in the Reko Diq copper mine case, it may well get poorer by at least $10 billion. While Prime Minister Nawaz...
  10. M Ali Khan

    Baloch separatists groups become more and more DIVIDED

    A House Divided: The cloak-and-dagger story of splits among Baloch militants by Maqbool Ahmed, Herald Magazine 16 December 2014 It was an unusual development. Two leaders of the Baloch separatist movement not only differed vehemently with each other, they also made their disagreement known to...
  11. M Ali Khan

    The Dangerous Drug-Funded Secret War Between Iran and Pakistan

    by Umar Farooq, The Daily Beast, 29 December 2014 In the largely forgotten deserts of Baluchistan that straddle the Iran-Pakistan border, covert wars are underway that could have far reaching consequences. TURBAT, Pakistan—Something fell out of the sky near Arif Saleem’s home at 5:20 a.m. on...
  12. M Ali Khan

    پاکستانی کہلوانا، کسی بلوچ کو پسند نہیں۔

    ما چُکیں بلوچانی Thursday 5 September 2013 رزاق سربازی خود کو پاکستانی لکھنا یا کہلوانا، کسی بھی بلوچ کو پسند نہیں۔ بلوچستان سے شائع ہونے والے ایک اخبار کے ایڈیٹر نے اپنے ساتھی صحافی کو نصیحت آموز انداز...
  13. M Ali Khan

    Balochistan's missing money - Sanaullah Baloch (BNP-M)

    Sanaullah Baloch Wednesday, August 28, 2013 From Print Edition Natural resources account for a large share of Balochistans wealth. Since 1952, Pakistan has been extracting large quantities of gas and...
  14. M Ali Khan

    'Baloch National Struggle' speech by Mir Mohammed Ali Talpur

    BSYA Conference 2013 on ''The Baloch National Struggle: Past, Present & Future'' - Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur London: 28th July, 2013- In an attempt to bring to light various issues the Baloch are facing in their socio-political circumstances, BSYA convened a major conference entitled, The...
  15. M Ali Khan

    BLA Terrorists kidnap 22 & martyr 13 on a Bus Bound for Punjab

    MACHH: The bodies of 14 out of a total of 30 kidnapped passengers were found from the mountains near Machh in Bolan district, Balochistan Express News reported on Tuesday. The passengers were on board five buses bound for Rajanpur in Punjab. According to Dr Kashif, Assistant Commissioner of...
  16. sid27426

    Balochistan In A Federation - An Excerpt from Air Marshall (R) Asghar Khan's book

    Balochistan In A Federation An Excerpt from Air Marshall (R) Asghar Khan's book PART - 1 Of the four provinces of Pakistan, Balochistan has a special geographical and historical position. Because of it,s location it has been isolated culturally, socially and economically within the areas that...
  17. N

    Raisani's vulgar encounter with Farzana Raja - کیا بد تمیزی ہے؟

    ??? ?? ????? ?? ? by Noman Alam Alternate
  18. M Ali Khan

    Sheikh Asad Rehman, leftist activist and Baloch rights advocate, passes away

    Obituary: Farewell Comrade Chakar Khan Added by Malik Siraj Akbar on October 31, 2012. Saved under Malik Siraj Akbar, OPINION, Showcase Tags: Asad Rahman, Asad Rahman in Balochistan, London Group, Malik Siraj Akbar, Sungi Development Foundation, The Baloch Hal By Malik...
  19. M Ali Khan

    Iranian 'double games' in Afghani Balochistan?

    The Scariest Little Corner of the World Jol van Houdt for The New York Times The Afghan National Police, near the Iran-Afghanistan border. By LUKE MOGELSON Published: October 18, 2012 5 Comments On the southern outskirts of the city Zaranj, where the last derelict...

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