1. S

    12 year old girl in India has an ant nest inside her ear

    shocking video! 12 year old girl in India has an ant nest inside her ear
  2. N

    Glass bridge across Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon to be opened to tourists by June 2016

  3. F

    Watch This Report On Mother's Day - Please Love Your Parents

  4. Night_Hawk

    Tower Bridge unveils glass walkway above River Thames

    Tower Bridge unveils glass walkway above River Thames Visitors will be able to test their head for heights A glass walkway which gives visitors a bird's eye view of traffic has been unveiled at...
  5. S

    How to deliver sand to the 3rd floor when your ladder hardly reaches the 2nd floor

  6. Amna_Amo

    Tablighi Jamaat ( Pakistan ) Amazing Effort

  7. KhanHaripur

    Amazing Conversion to Islam - Street Dawah

    David chooses to accept Islam at the 'Da'wah Table' in North West London after only a short talk . The reason this video has been uploaded is because even though David has a great love for Islam and Muslims through his travels abroad ;sadly no one had actually invited him to become a Muslim...
  8. H

    Scientists pour cement into an ant colony and reveal something real amazing!

  9. barhaich

    Fight between youngsters and Pakistan Police -- Amazing Video

    Bravo to these boys
  10. L

    In Toronto CN Tower hit by lightning 15 times During 24 August 2011 Storm. (Amazing Video)

  11. barhaich

    Amazing Urdu

    Wah Wah
  12. L

    VIDEO: Man's amazing parallel parking job Orlando Parfitt, Yahoo! Ask anyone what the hardest thing about learning to drive is and chances are they'll say: "parallel parking". Ronny Wechselberger has no such problems though. The precision...
  13. Geek

    MASSIVE Taraveeh Prayers on the Streets of Egypt. Amazing!

    Masha Allah, beautiful scenes.
  14. sarmad

    Largest star ever discovered, compared to our Sun - Just Amazing!

  15. abbasiali

    Amazing Pond, You don't need to do Fishing, Fishes will jump into your Boat.

  16. I

    Amazing pakistan......glacial pool, pakistan.

    The Baltoro and other glaciers of the Karakoram, are the largest and longest in the world outside the polar region. From it's spectacular birthplace in Concordia, at the base of K-2 and the gasherbrum range, the Baltoro Glacier flows for more than 59 kilometers, a rippling, pitted...
  17. A

    Qari Saad Nomani - Amazing Recitation of Quran at Toronto Canada

  18. Geek

    The One-touch Mus'haf Quran Teacher - Masha Allah Amazing Gadget

  19. S

    Grow your own kidney amazing talk of regeneration (ted)

    STORY HIGHLIGHTS Regenerative medicine is science based on use of body's ability to heal itself Anthony Atala says progress is being made in growing organs for use in transplants Atala says printing technology offers one way to create new organs He says much work needs to be done before a...
  20. H

    did you already know this before? are you ready for the future? interesing and amazing video