MASSIVE Taraveeh Prayers on the Streets of Egypt. Amazing!


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They are offering Viter after Taraweeh.. In Arab Countries there is a little bit difference to perform Viter Namaz as compare to Pakistan.


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الله اکبر ....................یہ غازی یہ تیرے پرا سرار بندے جنھے تو نے بخشا ہے ذوق خدائی


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once i experianced the short Surah taraveeh but it was the case they couldnt fint the Hafiz e Quran.
.in arab even in tarveeh they receite few surah and tarveeh are very short i offer my isha farz with tarveeh in only 20 to 25 minutes in uae.
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I think the conservatives in pakistan really miss this level of unity.


Our conservatives have been divided into different schools of thought and brand each other "non-muslims" at the slightest of differences. This level of intolerance in how one practices the Deen is laughable and sad at the same time.