1. E

    How MQM preempted PPP-ANP-Haqiqi alliance against it

    MQM got an idea of this alliance when it first joined the coalition and in turn ANP, Haqiqi, Sindhi nationalists, eventually PPP and now all of them are being pitted against it. One of the ways in which MQM preempted it was by opening its doors to leaders of opposing parties wanting to switch...
  2. sameer317

    Likeminded divided on alliance with PML-N

    LAHORE A clear divide is visible within PML-Q (Likeminded) on the issue of bridging alliance with PML-N as a sizable chunk within the group is against the PML-N and wants alliance with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Headed by Saleem Saif Ullah Khan, PML-Q (Likeminded) a split group from...
  3. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 30th August 2011 - Justice Tariq Mahmood - Alliance of MQM & PPP after Eid

  4. Bilal_Mushi

    Nawaz Leauge officially is in alliance with those who supported dictator Musharraf

    PML-N, PML-Q Likeminded forge alliance PML-N and PML-Q Likeminded leaders formed an alliance on Thursday. Leaders from both sides had a meeting...
  5. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 10th August 2011 - Shahi Sayyad - ANP Alliance With Sindhi

  6. jhootaylog

    Alliance with Zardari possible but not with Nawaz - Imran Khan

    خبریں سندے میگزیں-24 جولائی-2011 خبریں : آپ کو اگر زندگی میں کبھی میاںنواز شریف یا آصف زرداری سے اتحاد کرنا پڑا تو کس کے ساتھ کریں گے ؟ عمران خان : اگر دونوں اپنے اثاثے ڈکلیئرکردیتے ہیں اور کہتے کہ ہم اتنے پیسے واپس کردیں پھر بھی آصف زرداری سے زیادہ امکان ہے کیونکہ میاں نواز شریف نسبت اپنی...
  7. In Session

    In Session - 23rd July 2011 - Sahikh Rasheed & Hameed Gul - Establishment of 3rd big Party - Opposit

  8. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 20th July 2011 - Karachi Energy Crisis & MQM politics

  9. Bilal_Mushi

    MQM ditched PMLN : Goodbye to Grand National Alliance

    MQM announces support for Haideri as Senate opposition leader DawnNews | DAWN.COM Senate Chairman Farooq H. Naek had appointed JUI-F Secretary General Haideri as the opposition leader in June. — Photo by PPI ISLAMABAD: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Friday formally announced...
  10. digitalzygot

    Must read: Truth about Northern alliance, afghan taliban and US role, story of John Phillip Walker L

    John Phillip Walker Lindh, my son, was raised a Roman Catholic, but converted to Islam when he was 16 years old. He has an older brother and a younger sister. John is scholarly and devout, devoted to his family, and blessed with a powerful intellect, a curious mind, and a wry sense of humour...
  11. D

    A new party or alliance being formed by establishment? How much truth is in it?

    a new party or alliance being formed by establishment?how much truth is in it?
  12. In Session

    In Session - 10th July 2011 - Kamil Ali Agha, Shaikh Rohail Asghar & Shehla Raza - Grand Alliance...

  13. Sawal Yeh Hai

    Sawal Yeh Hai - 9th July 2011 - Hamayun Akhtar & Engineer Ameer Muqam - Grand Alliance & Grand Oppos

  14. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 8th July 2011 - Mushahiduallah khan & Sharjil Memon - Grand Alliance b/w PMLQ And

  15. Bilal_Mushi

    Grand Alliance is a fraud, says Imran Khan

    Grand Alliance is a fraud, says Imran Khan...
  16. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 7th July 2011 - Kamil Ali Agha,Ayaz Amir & Umer Cheema - Grand Alliance & Worse Situat

  17. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 6th July 2011 - Discussion on Grand Alliance ....

  18. News Beat

    News Beat - 6th July 2011 - Sharjil Memon & Siddiq al Farooq - Grand Alliance: Increasing Closeness

  19. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 6th July 2011 - Ahsan Iqbal & Khushbakht Shujat - Grand Alliance b/w PMLN & MQM!!

  20. PkRevolution

    Imran Khan should not Join Grand Alliance but call people for nation wide demo's on streets.

    It is my personal opinion that PTI should not join Grand alliance. Nothing will change, again corrupts will be selected but under different Umbrella. New voting lists should be completed as top priority. I don't understand why election commision waited 3 years long to say that 36million bogus...