Grand Alliance is a fraud, says Imran Khan


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Grand Alliance is a fraud, says Imran Khan

Updated on: Friday, July 08, 2011 7:49:02 PM |


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LAHORE: The Chairman of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that opposition parties’ Grand Alliance is a fraud, SAMAA reported on Friday.

Imran Khan said while talking to the media in Lahore today that Nawaz Sharif cheated him twice in the past but now he will not allow it third time.

The PTI Chairman added that the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik visits Karachi and returns Islamabad after patch up with the MQM and ANP.

“Mid-term elections are need of the hour and the government should resign immediately,” Imran Khan added. SAMAA

PPP, MQM, ANP responsible for Khi violence: Imran

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LAHORE: PTI Chairman Inran Khan said that the Pakistan Peoples Party, MQM and ANP were behind the wave of violence in Karachi, Geo News reported.

He added that until these parties did not arrest their criminals, the killings would not stop.

Speaking to media, he said violence in Karachi was causing harm to the economy and people were taking their business to foreign countries. No one expressed concern on the fact that the culprits behind May 12 were not caught and courts had been attacked, he regretted.

Imran Khan was of the opinion that in order for peace to prevail in Karachi, the state would have to ensure that criminals were not protected.
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its true the grand alliance is only based on party intersts of both sides not for country and not for peoples


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Time to crush miscreants with iron fist: Wali


PESHAWAR: ANP Chief Asfandyar Wali Khan said that no one has the right to politicize bloodshed and injustice and the time had come to deal with miscreants in Karachi with an iron fist, Geo News reported.

In a statement, the ANP Chief said that lack of concrete steps will only embolden the terrorists and regretted that some elements were politicising the bloodshed in Karachi.

He added that in order to restore peace in Karachi the recommendations of the joint investigation report should be enforced without any delay.


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that is actually break up of grand alliance."grand alliance"(ppp,pmln,anp,mqm,jui) have been enjoying power & looting pakistan for more than 3 two parts of "grand alliance"(mqm,pmln) separated for their future.this new "grand alliance" wants to make people fool again so they can come in power again.& u never know if they get chance they will make even bigger alliance(they will call zardari ti join in corruption,as he did in this term).
its absolutely ridiculous & based on selfishness & lust for corruption n power.they damn care about country.pakistani awaam must wake up now otherwise its already 2 late.raise your voice against corrupts,think ur option,cast your vote,reject all those who has been tried.bring on imran khan.


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Very very bad situation. At now sincere people are side lined and curropts are trying to sort out the matter. As they are not sincere, so Allah not helping them


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President orders restoration of commissionerate system in Khi

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ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has ordered Sindh government to restore commissionerate system in Karachi, Geo News reported Friday.

Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said the decision was made at a meeting chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and Pir Mazharul Haq also attended the meeting.

The meeting reviewed the deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi.

The spokesman said the decision to restore commissionerate system in Karachi was made with a view to improve the law and order in the city and to make the administration more accountable.

It is pertinent to mention here that MQM had always opposed the idea of restoration of commissionerate system and in this regard core committees of MQM and PPP had held several meetings in the past.

On the other hand Manzoor Wasan has been made Sindh Home Minister. The position was earlier held by Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza.


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Imran Khan nay un k guru say Phone par baat bhe ke thee.............aaj announce kar day k PTI is never going to be even negotiate with MQM in future..........
PMLN should do the same. I disagree with PMLN over talks with MQM.
MQM k mamlay main under say (PTI, PMLN) donoon chor hain.


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Imran and PTI have an alliance called APDM, which is an alternative to this grand chor alliance[made up of PPP,PML-N,PML-Q,ANP terrorists,MQM,JUI[F]], he needs to stay away from this grand alliance as far as he can, for now. NS is a bhagora and a ********* which is for everyone to see.
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