1. patriot

    General of all American Intelligence: 911 was a fraud!

    Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III, head of all intelligence says: Pentagon NOT hit by a plane
  2. M

    Why it is again 9/11

    Why it is again 9/11 22/05/11 2+2+5=9 9/11 so...............
  3. F

    How others are thinking about 911, Where are muslims? I think sleeping

    How are others thinking about 911, Where are muslims? I think sleeping. If you have anything related to it, kindly update. AH Farooq http://www.911truth.org/ http://www.911oz.com/ http://buildingwhat.org/
  4. atensari

    Al-Qaida's new leader lived in U.S. for 15 years (AP)

    AP Exclusive: New al-Qaida leader knows US well MIAMI – A suspected al-Qaida operative who lived for more than 15 years in the U.S. has become chief of the terror network's global operations, the FBI says, marking the first time a leader so intimately familiar with American society has been...
  5. atensari

    Road to Armaggedon - Translation