The GREAT Gama Pahelvan who remained undefeated his whole life


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The "Great" Gama [1880 - May 23, 1963] also known as "Gama Pahelvan", and "Lion of the Punjab", born Ghulam Muhammad in Amritsar, Punjab, British India, was a Pakistani renowned wrestler, warrior and a practitioner of Pehlwani wrestling.

He was awarded the South Asian version of the World Heavyweight Championship on October 15, 1910. To this date he is the only wrestler in history who remained undefeated his whole life which was substantial, as his career had spanned more than 50 years!

He has been billed as the greatest Pehlwani wrestler in history. After India's independence in 1947, Gama moved to Pakistan. Kulsoom Nawaz, the wife of Nawaz Sharif is the grand-daughter of Gama. Ghulam Muhammad belonged to the Butt family of Kashmir. His descendants includes "The Bhulo Brothers" , and the world famous wrestler Zubair Alias Jahara. The other Prominent descendants includes; Muazzam Zubair Jahara, Imam Bukhsh II, Sohail Butt, Shoaib Jawad Butt, Hijaz Raza Mir, Ibraz Butt and Ahmad Mir. The consecutive generations still continue the legacy of wrestling in Punjab Pakistan and now Gujranwala is still the hub of Professional wrestlers and is known as city of wrestlers in South Asia. The Butt family of Punjab which is now one of the big clans in upper Punjab of Pakistan especially in Lahore, Gujranwala, Gujrat and Sialkot have a long tradition of supporting and promoting wrestling in Punjab.


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Ah! Man thank you for sharing it. Would like to add here. He wasn't only given the title of Rustam e Zaman in the subcontinent but defeated more than 250 wrestlers from all over the world to get this title and till his death, nobody dared get it from him. Only 5 foot 7 but the biggest of men would pray to get out of his grip and a man of unique character.

His exercise routine if someone is interested and why wouldn't it be a matter of interest for us who read fancy magazines and websites filled with useless training methods to get toughened while Gama could rule today's MMA world for decades without difficulty.

Childhood routine: 500 dand, 500 baithak, with suhaga (a log of 80-400 kgs with 2-3 wrestlers on top of it), the training which modern western trainers call sled training proudly.

At the Age of 15: 3000 dand, 3000 baithak. 90-100 kg ring of cement around neck while doing baithaks and also neck rolls with that ring in his neck.

20: 5000 dand, 4000 baithak along with ring of cement called chakki and suhaga was a must. practicing with 40 wrestlers which in itself gets one dying for breath and power after a few seconds.

25-50: 5000 dand, 6000 baithak, chakki, suhaga, 70-80 wrestlers for practice.

And with everything he used to go for magdar (rotational dumbells which are considered more functional, joint-friendly and difficult) mulakkham (you can check youtube for it) a splendid exercise for core and legs.

And we talk about stamina, power and dominating rings :)


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He is a LEGEND , Bruce lee was a great admirer and follower of Gama's training , he used to read articles about Gama's exercises and add them in his routine exercise


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This was the time when this family's legacy almost ended because people who didn't know kushti actually called it a fixed bout, Jhara dominated throughout these 5 rounds and if we look at this from proper kushti's perspective, Inoki was long gone and if by today's MMA's standards, there were many times when jhara could actually use pound him with punches to make inoki unconcious or break his arm or leg with leverage and this is inoki who is considered father of shoot fighting, K1 and today's MMA. Jhara was not at the level of Gama or Imam Bakhsh at the time of this bout but if I share his training regimen even for this fight, you'll think of him as a man of steel. After this bout, jhara actually got away because of negative behaviour from the government and eventually died after getting into drugs.

Man, I wish I could be disciple of one of these people but none amongst them has that spark now.