Pakistan and India should sit together and solve their issues - Donald Trump


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United States President Donald Trump has said that his government will comment on last week’s suicide bombing in Pulwama — that killed more than 40 Indian troops — at "an appropriate time".

Trump, while answering a question from the media regarding the attack, said: “I have watched; I have got a lot of reports on it. We will have comment [on it] at an appropriate time. It would be wonderful if they [Pakistan and India] get along."

The president, who made these comments during an Oval Office signing ceremony on Tuesday, called the attack "a horrible situation".

Earlier in the day, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino during a press briefing said the US government was in touch with both the governments regarding the incident.

"We have been in close communication with the government of India to express not only our condolences but our strong support for India as it confronts this terrorism," said Palladino. "We have a close, cooperative relationship with India, a security relationship, and that includes counterterrorism operations."

"As far as Pakistan goes, we’ve been in contact with Pakistan on this issue," Palladino added. "We urge Pakistan to fully cooperate with the investigation into the attack and to punish anyone responsible."

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Tyrion Lannister

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modi have brain washed the indian society beyond repair. Their anchors, politicians and reporters cannot even hold their cool in professional matters. All they know is to start crying and shouting. Modi have done to indian society that zia could not do to ours despite 10 years. In this particular incident, I observe nothing but international humiliation of india at every forum


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they are such bloody trapped in afghanistan & yesterday indirect threat kind of version by pakistan ambassador in kabul tht any misadventure or rising temperature of bilateral ties b/w pakistan & india will affect US-Taliban talks.

Nadir Bashir

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I don't want to say but i think it was a false flag by Indian RAW.
Either they did it by themselves or closed their eyes to watch this happen.................

In any case, we support our brothers in Kashmir who are facing such a difficult time under Indian opression and we will not forget this at any time..............


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When Trump won and also when he threatened Pakistan Indian's were over the moon and waiting for Pakistan's impending destruction by Americans but now seems like after one phone call with Khan ye bhi youthia ban gaya hai :D


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Ok, lets not fool ourselves.
We will see in following couple of weeks masood azhar will be arrested or atleast put on house arrest.
Trump's national security advisor has already made a twitter statement declaring Indian "india has right to defend itself"
the white house statement was very very strong worded.
It said "Indian state of J&K" in other words they did not acknowledge kashmir's disputed status and blamed pakistan in open words. I bet the statement will make similar demands from pakistan as in the white house statement earlier.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Instead of sending a clear message; NS would have said, we have bring our house in order...

Tind licker (Mushahid Hussain Syed) has already said that on behalf of his tind.


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Trump wants the peace prize so will not risk failure of the Taliban talks by isolating Pakistan. He probably knows India is talking BS and is not going to take sides.


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Did you notice the language of modi wala journalist??
hamaray journalist kahan marr gaey hein?
how come they are never there to ask the right question?


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Wait for statement coming soon you never know what he comes up with that's how unpredictable he is.
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