Govt decides to ban business of reconditioned vehicles


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Great decision. We need to take a pause and rethink whole auto industry.

Simple point to start is to copy and enforce US auto industry quality & emission standards in Pakistan.

Ban used car import. Allow new car import only. Make sure that it is paid from an overseas account and no foreign exchange leaves Pakistan.

Introduce equal tariff & taxes whether local or imported new car. This will create open market competition.
your observation is illogical ..infact rather confusing ...
1- how is it great decision ?
2- pakistan already has quality and emission standard ...
3- why ban used car ? those actually prove to put less pressure on reserves and gain higher taxes
4- another confusing statement about equal tariff .. govt get far higher taxes on used cars and it had created competitive market competition . if local assembled (not manufactured) cars would have greater value for money then no one would get used car
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