Fawad Ch comments on meeting b/w Maryam and Bilawal at Jati Umra


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Tauba karo! Jis din apni jaib se ek paisa laga diya in logo naye us din qayamat aajaegi!!

PPP will spend money on free biryani for ghareeb awaam from Sindh's budget!
And PMLN will ask their MNA's to submit 50lakh/gathering for free food! 😉 😉

دونوں نے اپنے اپنے اربوں کے اساسوں سے غریبوں کے لئے مفت راشن بانٹے کا اعلان کر دیا


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Is there a particular need to give publicity to a couple of failures who can't command any audience otherwise?


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And then people say that Fawad is looking to join PPP! Akhir what is Sami Ibrahim onto??? 🤔 🤔 🤔
Sami is obviously spreading fake propaganda on behalf of PMLN/PPP to try and create mistrust and infighting in the Government. He deserves more than the slap. Fawad Ch should take him to court.
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