Three Osama Bin Laden Wives in Pakistani Custody


Pakistani intelligence agents today are interrogating three women -- all wives of Osama bin Laden -- who were captured during the U.S.-led raid on Sunday. The wives, including the youngest -- 29-year-old Yemeni Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah -- were all living with bin Laden inside the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. According to one of the women, bin Laden confined himself to two rooms in the house, including the bedroom where he was killed. He never left those rooms, she claims, for the five years he was hiding there. Officials also have in custody bin Laden's 13-year-old daughter, who saw her father killed "in front of her eyes," a senior Pakistani security official told ABC News in an exclusive interview Wednesday. They are also questioning six or seven other children who were captured in the raid. Source: ABC News


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At least he died having fun with " three women" in his

Pathetic soch... They were his wives and you got no right to disgrace such an AZEEM Rishta with such insulting words. Just imagine what I mean.. ALLAH AZZWAJAL aur ALLAH PAAK K NABI E KAREEM ALYE HE SALAAT TU WASALAAM k nazdeek yeh PAAK RISHTA hai aur AZEEM rishta hai.. Please ..I hope i made my point !!!


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Better to check with Taliban...Who are Thekedar of Islam....

They were his wives. And every married person has his wife. Sorry, for hurting you may be, but I hope u understand.. the relation between husband and wife.. :)
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Teen Teen beweean. Saari dunya mein aag laga kay khud Aaiyaashian ho rahi theen. Bohat achay!!!

khuda k liaey insaaf se baat kia karo saudio ore wahabio ko daikh kr shia hazrat insaaf k sarey taqazey bhool jatey ho.............

4 ki Nabi s.a.w ne ijazat dee he kon ietrez krney vala he ????????

koi zina nhi kr raha tha uski bevian thee full time not par time wives.

ore osama me ore ayman alzawahire me fark he osama sirf america k khilaaf tha he was not takfeeri as others..........

baki america aaj tk uskey khilaaf koi sabit nhi kr saka saab 911 drama tha sirf actor bewakoof musalman use hoee...
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[MENTION=12054]samar[/MENTION] bhai

I always thought that Osama was a Takfiri and he was just like ayman alzawahire. If he was different from him and was ONLY against America and Zionists, I'm sorry for my comments and take my words back.


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Osama had choosen the wrong path for his struggle. But his struggle was justified. He wanted the americans to be out of arab peninsula and he wanted a free nation for Palestine. Thats it. Thats what he wanted. And it was never wrong. But yes the path he choose was wrong. and cause of him almost all the muslim world is in chaos.
Any way they were his wife and we have no right to say anything wrong about his wifes as they do no harm to any one.


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Mar gaya Mardood...nay Fatiah aur nay left 3 women and many children helpless...stupid ********.


When we show such tender respect for OBL and his set of wives.. why not remember all those Pakistani wives there Daughter, there sons whose Husband, father and brothers killed by OBL in the name of some stupid ideology.

I pray... that OBL sons and daughters may face the same pain and misery as our Pakistani Sons and Daughters face for there lost ones. Ameen.


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I Don't understand why people making a Killer Hero who have killed thousand of innocent people including Muslims .

Get out of stupid emotions Islam does not teach to kill humans regardless of their religions.,


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osama is dead meat now and its interesting to see how some people are sad at his demise. well doesnt it mean they were with his ideology??