These floods are made made disaster, it were totally totally avoidable - Amir Mateen


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that's what i have been saying all along. the rain was there but volume is not that high. the 2010 floods were indeed super floods.

Shah Shatranj

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شریفوں کو اور زیادہ داد ملنی چاہئیے پاکستان کو تباہ کرنے کی یہ تو ان کا جمہوری فرض ہے : ایک پٹواری کی ترقی کی سوچ .


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Why should not the Government be taken to court on this in competence. I hope someone or some Insaf lawyer forum lawyer will do that.


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Save democracy - people of Pakistan are unimportant and powerless - People of Pakistan Democracy is the best revenge!!!


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Only debate-able thing is that
whether it is deliberate negligence/ignorance/conspiracy OR it is incompetent governance

In both cases govt and concerned officials should be hanged