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yeh shakel sey dekho tu sahe...real fasadi of islam niek batien ker key pass bulatey hien aur pher nufrat key beej botey hien fradi

Shahbaz Baig

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how funny that some of people said that "OOh dekho tu is ki shakal". for those i wanna just say that in Quran there is no preference of white people on black or black people on white".. so when Quran deny this term how can you people say that "shakal tu dekho".. you people should sweep before you own door... but yes i accept there is a lot of mulana & mufiti who are misguiding you because they think that Islam is their Business but it does not mean that you compare every one... we should follow the Quran & Seraat of Muhammad P.B.U.H...


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He is Mufti Menk from South Africa.... they are 3rd or 4th generation muslims in S Africa. His talk is very much concerned with daily life , something practical for us. Plus he has a good sense of humour. I always listen to his bayan on podcast called 'Muslim Central'....