Shame on PM Yusuf Raza Gelani


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Actually he is satisfying himself after being lots of abused in his French shopping tour....
Over there he could not respond , now he came back in his den , and start barking back...

Like a puppy , when puppy listen a big dog sound , it comes back to its house and then he responds.....

Angrezi Kyyta.


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yar agar PM main zara c b sharam hoti tu 3 saal pehlay hi resign kar deta ............. nahi hai sharam qasam say ........:DD

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Saladin A

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Every time I watch this gutless and shameless man on TV, he is moving his head up a down like a zombie or like a monkey.


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english is not the issue as wuaid-e-azam gave the first speech in english.. its the shere incompetency of this prime minister... he cannot guide a group of 10 peole leave the country aside... as fot the people.. they really dnt understand any thing regardless in urdu or english


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Sharam too aanee jaanee cheez hay banda zara dheet hona chahiay.

Apnay mujawar e aazam kee baat hee kuch niralee hay,yeh hazrat buhat ziada hee dheet hain,aastanay kee waja say toi inkoo poochta bhee nahee,baray mazzay hoorahay hain wazarat e uzzma kee waja say.
Aakhir koo khootee bohar thallay hee aanee hay.