PTI's Tsunami in Peshawar - Official Jalsa Thread - March 10th 2013 *LIVE STEAMING*


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Re: PTI Tsunami Jalsa in Peshawar Update Thread

I have just concern Imran speech & his massage to the public,if his massage is solid & convincing then I tell u that no one can beat pti,don't waste time on nawaz,zerdari,fazalurehmaan & others they r history,just talk to the public.tell them we r for u & we trust on u that's why we r doing different politics not the traditional that if I need power I just bring all loters & dakeyts in to my side.


Re: PTI Tsunami Jalsa in Peshawar Update Thread

I don't think it will be a big Jalsa may be 20,000 or so will come, there is not enough space in that place, but I am sure media team of PTI will spin it to over a million attended the Jalsa and it was a huge success (bigsmile), I don't blame them, they have learned good from Dr. Qadri how to boast and add couple of millions in few thousands.


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Re: PTI Tsunami Jalsa in Peshawar Update Thread

Iwill urge PTI to outright ban on pornography from Pak... IMRAN should announce to ban on porn .European parliament will ban porn in europe.
PAK today in watching porn no 1 in world.,, by that populion is increasing lot parallel to social problems, , we do really need to do something the reduce access to it. Too many children are being exposed to it and it has also damaged the lives of many adults. Porn is bad for everyone - men, women, boys, girls and society generally. It causes impotence, emasculates men and degrades women. it wasn't for pronogrophy there would be no bad sex like the crime that happens .Maybe if more POLITICANS from PPP and PML-N, MQM were being se-xually abused, se-xually harassed, stalked, brutally murdered and r-aped they may come to their senses.

European Parliament is preparing to vote on a proposal to ban all forms of pornography.

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No its not. You cannot stop pornography or prostitution. I say Pakistan needs to legalize it and regulate it. Thereby giving legal rights and protection to the pornographic industry. The revenue would be enormous for the Pakistani government. And once again, I don't like anyone telling me what I can and what I cannot watch. The government is not my chacha mama.


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VIEW of Peshwar Jalsa from the Stage


The first Wave of Tsunami in 2013.....It's going to be Huge


PESHWAR the Stage is Set...Are you Ready?

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Re: PTI Tsunami Jalsa in Peshawar Update Thread

People will come in waves!!!
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