Monga Insaf by Arfan Khan - Pashto Song for PTI

  2. xiaahmad

    PTI's Tsunami in Peshawar - Official Jalsa Thread - March 10th 2013 *LIVE STEAMING*

    WATCH LIVE : Preparation for Jalsa are in full swing. According to local reporters and supporters It will be biggest in the history of KPK THIS WILL JUST BE A TRAILER BEFORE MAIN SHOW ON 23RD MARCH IN LAHORE
  3. ealtaf

    Foreign Intervention in Domestic Affairs by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

    The press conference of a senior leader in Karachi showed the lighter side of politics, a game full of action, comedy and drama. One of the revelations was the letter written by the MQM to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The letter was an open invitation to a foreign power to intervene...
  4. ealtaf

    Jewish Banishment and The City of London - for People who Don't Know (Real Enemies of Humanity)

    By wmw_admin on August 14, 2011 Earthlinggbs Blog February 26, 2011 Anyone thinking very logically and simply would simply ask one question: WHY HAVE JEWS BEEN BANISHED FROM SOME MANY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AND CULTURES OVER CENTURIES? BY PEOPLES WHO HAVE NEVER HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO CONSPIRE...

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