PTI's Tsunami in Peshawar - Official Jalsa Thread - March 10th 2013 *LIVE STEAMING*

Re: PTI Tsunami Jalsa in Peshawar Update Thread

i wrote a long explanation to help you understand. I don't need to argue with someone who doesn't understand even a word of what I am saying :) Message me whenever you could understand what i really mean :) .


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Based on my research in town where I belong to, here is the PTI position in KPK:

- All the new voters are going to vote for PTI or at least 90% of them
- 90% of old voters who do not have strong affiliation with any party are going to vote for PTI
- Voters with strong affiliation to ANP and PPP are going to cast either of the national assembly or provincial assembly vote for PTI due to bad governance of ANP and PPP.

So given aboe, I am very hopeful that PTI is going to sweep in KPK inshallah!!