Policy Matters 23rd April 2011 - Imran Khan & Saleem Safi and others at the Dharna


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i will support imran khan in election i love him alot.
how to support?
i tell you guys how..............................
1 week before i will start campagian, and i will call some social worker in the villege and will send them to houses around to aware them who is the best to lead our pakistan. so on election day they will vote imran Inshallah.
and on election i will hire few cars,coach to bring the people to polling station for vote and then will give them MITHAI,CHAI OR LUNCH ETC.
i request all young to do their best.
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All Pakistani nation should come here like me.

Imran is not only fair politician but he is activist and human rights worker too.(clap)
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Other national parties should come to show solidarity with IK but in pakistan politicians have their self interest not the ntional interest.


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Bohat aala Imran Khan - once again. I wish this Dharna could be for a long time e.g. 2 weeks coz 2 days Dharna is not going to affect NATO much. Also, it will be great if this Dharna becomes a movement and goes to Islamabad.......

Saleem Safi kya fazool baatain kr raha hai especially about Asfandyar Wali. Doesn't he know about the Ghaffar khan family?


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What a fanstastic comments................"Yeh Genrell Jhota haay,,,Jhot bole raha haay"
Is there any one in Pakistani politics who can talk so openly against an Army Genrel ????????????????????????No but there is only Imran

Yeh tu Manzoor haay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sar haat par lay kar gomta haay.,,,,,May Allah save him