1. B

    Donald Trump said negative things about Pakistan and kept Supporting India, How will Pakistan deal w

    Donald Trump Negativity Towards Pakistan: Alt Link 875921435876487
  2. L

    US detention policy: Exposing the dark side

    During George W Bush's first term, the US tortured many 'War on Terror' prisoners, including a 15-year-old boy. After 9/11, the CIA kidnapped and tortured people it suspected to be terrorists; often, their suspicions turned out to be wrong [GALLO/GETTY] Days after the terrorist attacks...
  3. ealtaf

    Federal Reserve Policy + Extreme Weather = Revolution + World War III

    Posted on Pakalert on September 8, 2011 By David DeGrawFederal Reserve Policy Mixed With Extreme Weather Has Put The World On A Fast Track To Revolution And War. There are many factors that clearly demonstrate why it would be disastrous for the Federal Reserve to repeat their vicious...
  4. maksyed

    زلفی لیکس کی حقیقت ...؟؟؟

  5. Bilal_Mushi

    Sohail Ahmed (Azizi) exposing PMLN policy on Karachi issue

    Watch 2:10 onwards. (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)
  6. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters Eid Special 3rd September 2011 - Shahzad Roy & Quratulain - Eid Special

  7. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 2nd September 2011 - Shahzad Roy

  8. hans

    Saudi de-radicalisation policy to be followed: Rehman Malik

    Source: http://nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/Politics/01-Sep-2011/Saudi-deradicalisation-policy-to-be-followed-Rehman-Malik Federal Interior Minister A Rehman Malik on Thursday said that the government would follow the policy of de-radicalisation being pursued by...
  9. janbazali

    Policy statement on Democracy and Pakistani politics ............... Zaid Hamid

  10. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 27th August 2011 - Sherry Rehman & Moed Yuosaf - Pakistan ki Kahani, Pakistan ki zu

  11. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 26th August 2011 - Live calls from Public of Karachi

  12. hans

    Pakistan looks to Saudi Arabia, UAE for assistance in tribal areas - "kaskol haat mai na lou..Pakist

    Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/236134/pakistan-looks-to-saudi-arabia-uae-for-assistance-in-tribal-areas/ Pakistan looks to Saudi Arabia, UAE for assistance in tribal areas PESHAWAR: After facing delays and threats of cuts in assistance from the United States, Pakistan has decided to add...
  13. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 20th August 2011

  14. atensari

    "IB & FIA are providing misleading reports to the British government regarding MQM" - Altaf Hussain

    ذاتی مفادات کی مفاہمت ہنڈیا بیچ چوک پھوٹ گئی
  15. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 19th August 2011 - Ikram Sehgal, Muhammad Malik & Mueen ud din Haider - Uncontrola

  16. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 12th August 2011 - Hamid Mir, Tahira Abdullah & Fakhir - Special Programe

  17. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 6th August 2011 - Hassan Nisar, Shaikh Rasheed & Faisal Raza Abidi

  18. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 5th August 2011 - * Exclusive Interview with Imran Khan*

  19. Sawal Yeh Hai

    Sawal Yeh Hai - 31st July 2011 - Salim Bukhari & Mujib u Rehman Shami - Foreign Policy of Pakistan--

  20. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 30th July 2011 - Haroon Raheed - Sectarianism: Are External Powers Involved??

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