Policy Matters - 1st July 2011 - Lt.Gen. (R) Javed Ashraf - ISI Impacts On National Politics??


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Masha allah itni shareef ISI hoogaee. Army listen to civil and isi listen to civilians and they dont do anything on there own. Wah yeh baat huee na. Jhoot ka palanda hai sab army generals.


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i object on his relating tableeghi jamaat as some extremist organisation... there is no wrong in a group in army who ask peopple to pray 5 times a day..


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well said that in abbotabad it was failure of police,us thaney ka muhurer qasoorwar hey he should be suspended


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What a general he is changing his way of talking. he sounds more like a bad politician than a general. Seem from his talk that he has no conviction to the truth and will go along any one who in his opinion has the power.
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