1. Siasi Jasoos

    PM Imran Khan meets DG ISI Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed

  2. A

    ISPR is more advanced in all aspects: Indian Media

  3. Wadaich

    The Ones Barking on Gen. Pasha & ISI Must Shut Up; If U Don't Intelligence Operations Just be Silent

    The Ones Barking on Gen. Pasha & ISI Must Shut Up; If U Don't Know About Intelligence Operations Just be Silent. Davis Case Helped ISI Dismental CIA's Major Networks in Pakistan...
  4. A

    Short Film #GUMNAAM on #ISI Secret Operation

    ISPR Official released New Short Film #GUMNAAM on #ISI Secret Operation 1187211394683459
  5. Adeelsaleem

    ISI chief may be sacked soon from his post Indian Media

    Alt Link 607502692787144
  6. J

    India is Scared of ISI and Started New Propaganda

  7. خ

    Baloch Awam Burn Indian Flags in Rally Raw Terrorism in Pakistan - Ary News

    Great to see that after all, Baloch people come to realise who is destroying social structure in Pakistan and creating anarchy. Now we Pakistanis should be cautious and must be prepared for retaliation from the "meanest" of the means. After all, they invested heavily and waited patiently to...
  8. M

    Pakistan's ISI joins hands with Islamic State to target India

    ??? ???? (???? ???? ???? ???? 29 ????? 2016) ?????? ????? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ????? (???? ??? ???? ???) ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ????? ??? ???? ?? ...
  9. M Ali Khan

    Dr Hamid Hussain responds to email by Lt Gen Javed Ashraf Qazi (ex DG ISI) on Taliban DR HAMID HUSSAIN EDITOR INTELLIGENCE REVIEW REBUTTS EX DG ISI LTG JAVED ASHRAF QAZI Blog author Maj (r) Agha Humayun Amin (left) with Dr Hamid Hussain (right) October 02, 2015 Dear Sir; Thanks for...
  10. M Ali Khan

    When Hamid Gul offered India peace

    Interesting piece by former RAW secretary A.K Verma for The Hindu OUT OF CHARACTER? In a rewarding development, Gen. Hamid Gul decided, on his own, to return four Sikh soldiers who had defected to Pakistan, angered over the army...
  11. N

    Gen. Hameed Gul (Late) Last Words about Kashmir (MUST WATCH)

    Inna Lillahi Wa Inna IIlayhi Raji'un May Allah Pak Grant Him Jannah, Ameen Last Words about Kashmir
  12. Amna Rizvi

    How Raymond Davis was pardoned & released. Shameful role of General Pasha in entire episode

    A tweet from @ArifAlvi forced me to read this! Very shameful indeed A must read in NY Times. How Raymond Davis was pardoned & released. Shameful role of General Pasha in entire episode. via @ArifAlvi (PTI) It's a big article, link above, I am only pasting some...
  13. A

    Imran Khan accuses agencies and FC of missing persons in balochistan

    this is one year old video.. on awaz tv imran khan accuses agencies and fc of disappearing people in balochistan.. imran says that the agencies should be held accountable and the missing persons should be recovered... imran says that supreme court has taken a very bold step by questioning...
  14. A

    Prepare policy on missing-persons: SC orders Federal Govt

    Masood Janjua went missing in 2004 from Rawalpindi and since then, there had been no clue about his whereabouts. The only hope brought in for his wife Amina was the statement given by Imran Munir in 2009, that he saw Janjua in the custody of Brigadier Saeed. PHOTO: FILE. ISLAMABAD: The Supreme...
  15. Antiam

    Mufti Saeed Ahmad Jalalpuri shaheed's article about zaid hamid

    This was the newspaper article of Ameer Majlis E Khatam E Nubuwwat Mufti Saeed Ahmad Jalalpuri shaheed before his assassination in karachi in march 2010. We can understand who are the killers of Ulema e Haqq in our country.
  16. N

    Video Interview of Emaad, Exposing Zaid Hamid

    Video Interview of Emaad, Exposing Zaid Hamid by Noman Alam 66155
  17. sardarshawala

    Zaid Hamid is on ISI's payroll, and he receives Rs. 6,06,500 Per month - Emaad Khalid (Ex-staffer)

    (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap) Emaad Khalid, ex-staffer of Zaid Hamid: ZH is on ISI's payroll. I'D receive Rs. 606500 p/m on ZH behalf. For more
  18. N

    ہم اور ہمارے جرنیل by Noman Alam

    ہم اور ہمارے جرنیل by Noman Alam
  19. M Ali Khan

    India abducted newly wed Pakistani couple from Nepal, tortured them, forced them to confess being IS

    from ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION PAKISTAN: A couple was abducted from Nepal, arrested and tortured in India to confess that they were agents of the ISI and were planning to assassinate chief minister of Gujrat...

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