Peoples Party, where are Karachi development projects?

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you freaking corrupt people, what have you done for the city of karachi after ruling it through your wims for years?

where are S3, K4, elevated expressway, Karachi circular railway, Preedy street, shahabuddin market projects?


abandoned shahbuddin market project

did you eat all the money?

and you have guts to criticise the previous MQM's CDGK government?

where is your performance?

delayed and abandoned projects


unfinished business, plays havoc for people of karachi

KARACHI: The authorities have failed in completing work on as many as four under construction flyovers despite the lapse of deadline, adding to the miseries of the citizens.

The four flyovers, which were to be constructed on the Shahra-e-Pakistan by March 2013, still have a lot of work to be done.

The authorities planned to construct the flyovers at the Water Pump, Aisha Manzil, Liaquatabad Post Office and Teen Hatti intersections as huge traffic jams had become routine due to heavy traffic from and to the Super Highway.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) officials had claimed that the project would be completed within six months. However, it seems the project could not be completed till the end of September.

The reason for the construction work was described to be scarcity of funds. However, the issue of funds is no longer a pretext for any further delay as the KMC has got Rs35 billion budget approved for the next fiscal year.


in chaar saalon me kitna kaam tumne, us ka audit q nahi kerte tum?



where is M9 karachi to Hyderabad motorway project?

delay in M9 motorway project

why wasnt lyari expressway completed?

Vital project: Lyari Expressway stalled by politics

A multi-billion-rupee road project in violence-hit Karachi has pitched competing political forces against each other to save their vote banks along Lyari River, The Express Tribune has learnt.
According to sources in the Prime Minister Secretariat, the Lyari Expressway project has been delayed by seven years and has caused a conflict between the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the Awami National Party (ANP). Constructing the 38-kilometer expressway, which was meant to be completed by 2004, originally cost Rs5.1 billion but is now estimated at Rs12 billion, sources said.
Areas around which construction remains halted include Mianwali Colony, Hasan Oulia, Tali Para, Qureshi Colony, Ilyas Goth and Liaquatabad. The main cause for building delays has been encroachments. While a carriageway along the Lyari River’s North bank is still facing delays, the one at the river’s South bank has reached its final stages after the administration succeeded in having the area vacated from supporters of the city’s main political party.
Sources said that other political parties, including the ruling PPP, have been pressing hard for a change in project design instead of convincing their supporters to relocate to localities offered by the government. If the government agrees to this “uneconomical” demand based on “vested interests”, it would further escalate the cost, sources said.

while meaningless projects like hyderabad mirpurkhar dual carriage way were completed, no development project was completed in karachi? why?


why the PPP is treating MQM dominating areas with discrimination?


the development projects are marred by corruption and low standards


in four years they developed one small park and thats it


karachi's gold land sold to zardari's friend for scraps


what happened to IT tower project, it ws abandoned because zardari demanded his 10% from the malaysian firm which had come to make IT tower and invest $200 million


where is KCR project envisioned by CDGK?


lack of commitment from the administrators of Karachi appointed by PPP is clearly evident, Karachi is still expected to recieve more heavy rains till september but no serious efforts are being made and no emergency declared in the city to prepare for next spell of rains


and this is mustafa kamal


there is so much corruption in development projects and low grade developments by PPP, locals allege that newly constructed
GADDAP wier was breached which caused Karachi floods

Gaddap Nai: Locals allege dam breach caused Karachi flooding


where are these KW&SB machinese PPP? MQM CDGK spend millions of rupees procuring these machines?

Mustafa Kamal was removed as removed as Karachi Water and Sewage Board, KBCA head in the beginning of 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008


KARACHI: The Sindh government has taken administrative control of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board and the Karachi Building Control Authority, by removing the nazim of the City District Government, Karachi, Syed Mustafa Kamal, as chairman of both civic bodies.

According to official notifications issued on Thursday, the government has appointed Sindh minister for local government, Agha Siraj Durrani, as chairman in Kamal’s place for both entities. Another PPP MPA, Haji Munawar Abbasi, has been appointed the vice chairman of the water board.

According to the notification, the government has also restructured the water board. The seventeen-member board now has a chairman and vice chairman, the DS of Pakistan Railways, a nominee of the chairman of DHA, executive officer Military Lands Karachi, MD KWSB, president KCCI, chairman KESC, chairman KPT, special LG secretary (HTP), secretary finance, secretary industries, secretary LG, additional chief secretary development and certain town nazims.

When asked why the changes were made, official sources quoted rules that applied to both entities, and said that according to them, “the government shall appoint” persons to run the affairs of both bodies. Regarding the previous KWSB board, sources said, “It was inconstant with the [laws]”.

Sources said that according to the Karachi Water Supply and Sewerage Act, 1994 the government shall appoint a 17-member board, including its chairman and vice chairman. And, under rule 4 of the Sindh Building Control Ordinance, 1979 the government has to appoint a person as the ‘authority’ of the KBCA.

City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, who was in Islamabad for a meeting, had received the notification but declined to comment. “The city nazim had received the notification of his removal from the chairmanships of KWSB and KBCA and he may hold a press conference on Friday (today) to express his reaction,” one of the officials close to City Nazim Secretariat told Daily Times.

However, sources in the Pakistan Peoples Party mentioned that it was their right to bring about “positive” changes to the system and hopefully the next will be the Lyari Development Authority (LDA) and the Malir Development Authority (MDA) as there were considerable complaints against their managing directors.
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This is a sign that MQM wants to join Sindh government. This is their "love" they are showing for Karachi.

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we all know that these corrupt, insincere, cruel, terrorist feudal lords cannot answer, they are only good for barking

they will never spend on penny on Karachi

How much they have even deveoped Sindh province, we can all see their developments in Sindh


they want to make Karachi their interior Sindh


Karachi after floods


who is spreading terrorism and supporting aman committee?

CM meets Uzair Baloch

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Okay so these thugs will shout but not promise to not to shoot when answering lol.

I'm of to watch some cartoons....



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Even though I support neither MQM nor PPP but the fact remains that more administrative divisions are the need of time.....PTI also supported formation of Seraiki province. Jis speed se Lahore ki South Punjab aur Potohar se aur Karachi ki feudal/interior Sindh se doori aur differences badhrahee hain usse dekhkar yehi kaha jasakta hai key modifications karo. But jab PPP aisa na karsaki tau N-League waloun se kya umeed?

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even though im a guy who stringly believes in Sindhi nation and even call my self a new Sindhi and i love that one day entire Sindh develops and Karachi shines and Sindhi people hold important place in the world, but because of the continuous sindhi support with PPP and their corrupt people is making me think again

if Karachi doesnt become a separate province then this will keep continuing, and Sindh with remain impoverished and drag karachi ultimately along with it

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where are these KW&SB machinese PPP? MQM CDGK spend millions of rupees procuring these machines?
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simple solution... freee fair,,, local body election,

army must b deployed to ensure law n order........