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Alqaida masterminds arrested!

I am feeling so funny to read this JEW tv news, Nothing proved , just allegation and raid. So who will decide these persons are involved were planning for the future activities? On the other hand , Altaf Hussain is well known terrorist with proofs. So why our army and Government is playing in the hands of DAJALS?



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Re: Alqaida masterminds arrested!

Same news on FOX:

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's intelligence agency says it has detained three senior members of Al Qaeda close to the Afghan border.
An army statement Monday said the operation took place with the technical assistance of American intelligence agencies.
It identified the most senior detainee as Younis Al Mauritani.
The statement said he had been tasked by Usama bin Laden to target Western economic interests worldwide.
The statement said the arrests took place in the southwestern city of Quetta, but did not say when.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/09/05/pakistan-reports-detaining-top-al-qaeda-members/

Now, who says WE are NOT american allies? Allegedly they were planning attacks on America so why detain them? Because our army and agencies are american slaves... Now do you understand why Taliban kill them? American Allies = Dushman of Islam


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Re: Alqaida masterminds arrested!

I am feeling so funny to read this JEW tv news, Nothing proved , just allegation and raid. So who will decide these persons are involved were planning for the future activities? On the other hand , Altaf Hussain is well known terrorist with proofs. So why our army and Government is playing in the hands of DAJALS?


jitni barey barey plan the .......................is ke liye mansooba bandi kar rahe the.................yeh tou aisa mehsoos ho raha he ke woh shubdeg se chawal nikal te hue pakrey gay.........................wah ji wah.....................dems........submarin..........gas aur electric pipe line............oil tanker in internationl water............but from queta.......................sagar kinare..............dil ye pukare.................


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Pakistan declared they have captured Younis Mauritani on order from OBL to strike west in US and in Europe.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan said on Monday it has captured a senior al Qaeda leader named Younis al- Mauritani who was responsible for conducting international operations and ordered by Osama bin Laden to hit US, European and Australian economic targets.

The United States helped Pakistans Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency conduct the arrests, the military said, suggesting ties heavily damaged by the killing of bin Laden had improved.
He was planning to target United States economic interests including gas/oil pipelines, power generating dams and strike ships/oil tankers through explosive laden speed boats in international waters, the military said in a statement.

Pakistan, describing the capture as another fatal blow to the militant group, added that two other senior al Qaeda operatives were also detained in the operation on the outskirts of the southwestern city of Quetta.
They were identified as Abdul Ghaffar al-Shami and Messara al-Shami. No further details were provided. It was not possible to immediately verify the captures.

US officials have said al Qaedas deputy chief, Libyan national Atiyah abd al-Rahman, was killed in a US drone strike in Pakistan near the Afghan border on Aug. 22. But Pakistan officials have not confirmed his death.
Pakistan has been under intense pressure from its ally the United States to crack down harder on al Qaeda and other militant groups since US special forces found bin Laden in a Pakistani town in May and killed him in a secret raid.

Although much international attention has been focused on US-led efforts to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, U.S.officials believe regional stability will not be possible unless Pakistan roots out militants operating on its soil.

The military has failed to break the back of militant groups operating along the unruly border with Afghanistan despite a series of offensives.
Pakistan joined the US war on militancy after the Sept.11, 2001 attacks on the United States. It has captured major al Qaeda figures since then, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, self-professed mastermind of the September 11 attacks.

But Washington often questions Pakistans commitment to the campaign, saying it must do more to tackle militants who cross into Afghanistan from Pakistan to attack Western forces there.

Relations sunk to a low after the United States kept Pakistan in the dark over the bin Laden operation and suspicions grew in Washington that elements of the ISI knew the al Qaeda leader was living in Pakistan.
But the military statement said the capture of al-Mauritani was a joint operation, raising the possibility that Islamabad and Washington were working to improve ties.
This operation was planned and conducted with technical assistance of United State intelligence agencies with whom (Pakistans) Inter-Services Intelligence agency has a strong, historic intelligence relationship, the statement said.

Both Pakistan and United States intelligence agencies continue to work closely together to enhance security of their respective nations.

Imtiaz Gul, a prominent Pakistani security analyst, said the joint operation means intelligence sharing has been restored after Pakistan took steps to limit CIA activities here.
This is what the situation demanded, he said.

The entire Pakistan-US relationship basically revolves around the CIA and ISI and now it appears they are resuming their normal contacts.



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Uncle SAM applaud Pakistani Efforts: Another slap on DO MORE demanders

Yesterday's capture of Younis Al-Mauritani by Pakistan is applauded by USA. This is another long list of the "Terrorists" captured by Pakistan, I am sure soon he would be handed over to the USA for interrogations or may be taken to Gauntanomo for safe keeping by uncle SAM.

We should hear very soon same mantra again from USA "Do more". Almost all the big name terrorists are caught by Pakistanis over the years. What Americans have done apart from killing innocent Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen etc?

Their war on terror is basically "War against Muslims" if not "war against Islam". Such a waste of huge resources on wars, instead if they have done better intel co-op with Countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc they would have been more successful in capturing the bad guys without killing the innocents.

And then they have the gal to stop the so-called aid or in the true sense to compensate the financial scarifies made by Pakistan. They never paid the full financial losses, but whatever peanuts they were paying, even that is with so many conditions.

On the contrary they have spent trillion of dollars in killing innocent Muslims around the world.
Sad reality.

DETROIT: The White House on Monday hailed Pakistans capture of a senior al Qaeda operative as an example of counterterrorism cooperation, and a US official said the United States had provided critical tips and technical help.

The militant had been involved in plotting attacks against the interests of the United States and other countries, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said after Pakistan announced that it had captured Younis al-Mauritani.

This is an example of the longstanding partnership between the US and Pakistan in fighting terrorism, which has taken many terrorists off the battlefield over the past decade,

Earnest said in a statement issued while President Barack Obama was visiting Detroit for a Labor Day speech.
We applaud the actions of Pakistans intelligence and security services that led to the capture of a senior al-Qaeda operative who was involved in planning attacks against the interests of the United States and many other countries, he said.

In Washington, a US official monitoring the situation said Mauritanis capture was another major blow to al Qaeda.

The US provided critical lead information and technical assistance in working with Pakistan to eliminate the threat posed by this terrorist, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Mauritani played an absolutely central role in planning and coordinating al Qaedas operations in Europe, plots that targeted both European and American interests, the official said.

The Pakistanis deserve real credit for their hard investigative and operational work in taking deadly threats like al-Mauritani off the battlefield, the official added.

There is clearly more to be done, and both sides recognize the imperative of acting together against these dangerous targets.



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Re: Uncle SAM applaud Pakistani Efforts: Another slap on DO MORE demanders

Bachara uncle SAM jis ki hallat gali k ****** jesi hoo gaye hai ... bus bhoonk he sakta hai dant tou saray gir gayeee hain katney waley.


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شیر کرنے کا شکریہ، خدا ہم سب کو ان شدت پسندوں سے محفوظ رکھے جو دین کو اپنے غلط مقاصد کے لئے استعمال کرتے ہیں