1. A

    Firdous Ashiq Awan Bashing PMLN | Press Conference | 18 July 2019

  2. H

    JAJJA Butt ARRESTED by Police, Exclusive video

    We should stand for the shemale community.Atleast they are humans... Khussroo pe tashadad krne wala badmash 'Jajji Dar' PTI Sialkot k Leader 'Usman Dar' ka kareebi RISHTEDAAR ha or PALTOO Badmash ha. Jajji Dar ki tashadad or baad mein giraftaari ki VIDEOS dekhain. Tabdeeli aa gai ha. USMAN DAR...
  3. A

    VIDEO: Another Pigeon arrested in India for carrying threatening message to PM. Press TV

    A pigeon, which most likely came from Pakistan, was taken into custody by border guards after a letter addressed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was found on the bird. The letter to PM Modi was written in Urdu, a language spoken in Pakistan, and read: Modi Ji, do not consider us same...
  4. N

    Ayub Bandhani suspect of Amjad Sabri's murder more revelations during investigation

  5. K

    'Silent bomber' couple jailed for London terror plot

    Mohammed Rehman and Sana Ahmed Khan were found guilty of preparing terrorist acts Mohammed Rehman, 25, discussed targeting the London Underground and Westfield shopping centre on social media under the name "Silent Bomber". He and his wife Sana Ahmed Khan were convicted of preparing terrorist...
  6. Night_Hawk

    NAB arrest PPP leaders son over fraud charges

    LAHORE: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) authorities on Sunday arrested the son of a Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) over fraud charges, ARY News reports. According to NAB offices, Shaukatullah Bangash, son of PPP leader Saifullah Bangash, indulged in a fraud of Rs. 50 million by...
  7. ActionPredictor

    Failed Jewelry Robbery - All robbers have been arrested

  8. crankthskunk

    Two Danish Citizens arrested in Abbotabad

    Police arrested two Danish in Abbotabad, while they were trying to reach the house from where OBL was allegedly captured and killed. Could it be for just sight seeing or more to it?
  9. fahid_asif

    Pakistan captured SENIOR AL QAEDA LEADER

    Alqaida masterminds arrested! I am feeling so funny to read this JEW tv news, Nothing proved , just allegation and raid. So who will decide these persons are involved were planning for the future activities? On the other hand , Altaf Hussain is well known terrorist with proofs. So why our army...
  10. L

    Man arrested for biting pet python ,Aur pakistan Mein Insaan K Qatal B Nahi Pakray Jatay,

    By Reuters SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - A California man is in custody after being accused of biting a python in what police said was apparently an unprovoked attack on the pet snake of an acquaintance...
  11. raju

    Pakistani Arrested in Virginia for Uploading a Video on Youtube

    WASHINGTON: A man of Pakistani origin has been arrested and charged in the US with supporting Lashkar-e-Taiba, FBI officials said on Friday. Jubair Ahmad, 24, of Woodbridge, Virginia, allegedly received religious training from the terrorist group as a teenager in Pakistan and later attended...
  12. WatanDost

    Imran Farooq Murderers Arrested and WHY ALTAF still silent after Zulifiqar Mirza Press conference?

    Title: MQM Altaf Hussain Arrest at London in Imran Farooq Murder case Author: O3222444OO5 Tags: MQM, Involed, Dr, Imran, Faroqq, case Duration: 13:21 seconds View count: 48166 Rating: 4.756098 (82 ratings) Embed: Description: Altaf Hussain caught escaping to South Africa? By Special...
  13. az.ay

    Two suicide bombers successfully arrested by Army

    Pakistan Army has arrested two suicide bombers and recovered huge cache of explosive material kept in hided for usage in terror activities. This was stated by Station Commander Brig. Mansoor Aziz wile talking to media here at Qilla Iqbal Garh. He said that Pakistan Army has recovered 200...
  14. E

    No one arrested from Karachi airport relating to Imran Farooq's murder: Rehman Malik

    Geo News is Rehman Mailk as saying that no one has been arrested from Karachi airport related to Imran Farooq's murder
  15. L

    Imran Farooq Murder: Two suspect arrested in Karachi.

    Imran Farooq Murder: Arrests in Karachi and London
  16. Keepinformed

    Martial law declared! Kayani takes over! Zardari and gilani house arrested [ONLY A RUMOR]

    I got two messages from people that live in Islamabad. Is this true? I turned on the TV but no news yet. They say Army has entered Islamabad.. Please confirm!!!
  17. crankthskunk

    MQM attacked the Police Bus: DAWN NEWS

    MQM and Altaf Hussain dramas are never ending. He announced strike today, but failed to mention it is his goons who attacked and killed the Policemen in the Bus. Now Dawn News is breaking the NEWS, which was available from yesterday, but apart from "Jisarat" and " Ummat no other newspaper...
  18. L

    Main Culprit in American Citizen kidnapping arrested in Lahore

    Main Character in American Citizen kidnapping arrested in Lahore.
  19. haqiqat

    Man Arrested After Trying to Build Nuclear Reactor at Home

    A man from Sweden was arrested after it was discovered he was trying to split atoms and build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen, blogging about the experiment the whole time. Richard Handl kept radioactive elements radium, americium and uranium in his apartment, but he was arrested only after he...