1. S

    Find A Bride With the Slap Of Groom

    :swordfight:Find A Bride With the Slap Of Groom. Nasty Grooms Slaps Their New Brides.:smashfreakB:
  2. fahid_asif

    Pakistan captured SENIOR AL QAEDA LEADER

    Alqaida masterminds arrested! I am feeling so funny to read this JEW tv news, Nothing proved , just allegation and raid. So who will decide these persons are involved were planning for the future activities? On the other hand , Altaf Hussain is well known terrorist with proofs. So why our army...
  3. Bilal_Mushi

    Slap on the faces of those who called IK as Taliban Khan when he propossed talks with them.

    Talks with Taliban underway: Britain Updated at: 0448 PST, Friday, May 27, 2011 ISLAMABAD: Britain’s Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Mark Sedwill has revealed that Karzai government is formally engaged in talks with Taliban, Geo News reported. Talking to senior...
  4. Nawazish

    Mohali main bajayga Pakistan ka Qaumi Tarana - A Slap on BCCI's Face

    For years now BCCI has tried to isolate Pakistan from world cricket. They humiliated Pakistani players in the IPL auction, did not support the world cup matches to be held in Pakistan and have not allowed their team to play Pakistan in any bilateral series. For years now they have mixed politics...

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