1. fahid_asif

    Pakistan captured SENIOR AL QAEDA LEADER

    Alqaida masterminds arrested! I am feeling so funny to read this JEW tv news, Nothing proved , just allegation and raid. So who will decide these persons are involved were planning for the future activities? On the other hand , Altaf Hussain is well known terrorist with proofs. So why our army...
  2. Bret Hawk

    You're The Best Thing Gazoo Uncle

    I would like to dedicate this thread to our beloved Gazoo chacha g who has become the only registered member of this prestigious forum to complete an astonishing (Yet another) milestone of 10,000 plus posts. I wonder what this siasat.pk would be without the presence of this great chachu of ours...
  3. crankthskunk

    End of Uncle SAM's supermacy in 2016 China takes over: IMF

    Bad news for Uncle Sam, it is nearer than many thoughts, China to be the biggest Economy in next 5 years. We should expect jitters in the USA and tantrums galore in coming years. I have these nagging feelings that USA may decide to start WWIII to stop the progress of China and to halt her own...