Off The Record 10th August 2015 - (Punjab Hukumat Ki Fakhariya Peshkash, Aik Aur Judicial Commissio


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World is really perplexed with the new Pakistan Supreme Court's concept:

''If it is organised crime then it is crime but otherwise for unorganized crime nothing can be done.'' Pakistani Court's Special commission for Elections.


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Real picture of media how they manipulate - Old times are gone, No more Hanki Phanki - Kashif you must watch this program 4/5 time not the way Farzana Bari watched those video and other Black Boys video.


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رانا ثنا وزیر قانون ایک قاتل ہے . اسکا کوئی بھی بیان قابل اعتبار نہیں .....
اور اسکے ساتھی شہباز شریف اور نواز شریف بھی ہیں
جن کے کہنے پر یہ چل رہا ہے ....
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