News Beat - 20th June 2011 - Shahid Afridi - Afridi & PCB Patch Up


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Thanks fareeha, lets put it this way,shahid afridi did't get the respect he deserved .Ajaz Butt acted very hastily and try to show his power which back fired because people are behind shahid afridi. To make a case of code of conduct and central contract etc. Does Ajaz Butt listen to the senate sports committee who wants him out of PCB because he have wrecked the association and cricket but zardari dont give a damn.The govt can terminate 6 federal secretaries in 3 years in the same deptt and they cannot terminate ajaz butt because he have 3 years contract,bull ****. You are keeping that man who have ruined the whole cricket and higher up is just watching because thats what they want to ruin every institution in the country .Pakistan is lucky that we have a jewel like "Shahid Afridi " even though i never met him but as a pakistani ,my heart goes to him .Does this govt listen to the parliament or supreme Court so what PCB are talking about the code of conduct and central contract ,give this in their B*****A***.Remove ajaz butt and get the elections in PCB and run it properly .
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