1. ApnaTank

    Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi Meets MulanaTariq Jameel Sahib|

    ہم آپکے پاوں کی خاک کے برابر بھی نہیں، آللہ تعالی اپکا سایہ ہمارے سروں پر قائم رکھے، میری زندگی بدلنے میں اپ کا شاندار کردار ہے،وزیر مملکت شہریار آفریدی کی مولانہ طارق جمیل سے خصوصی ملاقات میں گفتگو،
  2. F

    پاکستان کی فال آف وکٹس

    Pakistan Fall of wickets against England in 1st T20 Match
  3. R

    Zia Ullah Afridi Pervaiz Khatak par Baras pare

    Zia Ullah Afridi Pervaiz Hatak par Baras pare
  4. Matie Khan

    Shahid Khan Afridi Interview After His Declaration Of World Top 20 Charitable Athlete

  5. janbazali

    Pakistan vs West Indies - 1st One Day - **HIGHLIGHTS**

    HIGHLIGHTS : 09 Mins HIGHLIGHTS : 55 Mins
  6. A

    Pakistan refuses to release Dr Afridi despite US pressure

    ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has turned down the US request to release Dr Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani physician accused of helping the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) track down al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden by arranging a fake vaccination campaign in Abbottabad. Dr Afridi was taken into custody by...
  7. Amna_Amo

    Shahid Afridi Gone - Crowd Gone ( Must Watch )

  8. Amna_Amo

    Shahid Afridi bayan [Urdu HD]

  9. lafatah

    Shahid Afridi - The perfect Karachiite !

    Karachi. Its a beautiful city, hustling and bustling with energy, i personally rate it as a potential New York City. The people are generally nice, a very metropolitan mix of culture and a complete blend of Pakistan. The population of karachi could divided into 1000's of categories in castes...
  10. Arslan

    Shahid Afridi in Raunaq-e-Ramadan by Dawn News - 14th August 2011

  11. ealtaf

    PTI Leadership condoles with Shahid Afridi

    ISLAMABAD, July 20: Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Secretary General Dr. Alvi, Information Secretary Omar Cheema, PTI Sindh President Naeem-ul-Haque, PTI Lahore President Mehmud-ur-rashed and other regional leaders have condoled the death of Sahabzada Fazul Rehman Afridi, the father of former Captain...
  12. L

    Shahid Afridi's Father Died إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

    Shahid Afridi's Father Sahibzada Fazl ur Rehman just passed away ARY NEWS.... إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون we pray for him May his soul rest in Peace.
  13. hans

    Who is Dr. Shakil Afridi?... and ways to get your US Green Card.

    US pressures Islamabad to free doctor who helped CIA track down Bin Laden. Divisions grow amid calls for release of Shakil Afridi, who ran fake vaccination programme to get al-Qaida leader's DNA. Washington is pressing Islamabad to release a doctor being held for helping the CIA track down...
  14. Bilal_Mushi

    US pressures Pakistan to free Dr Shakil Afridi

    US pressures Pakistan to free Dr Shakil Afridi Updated at: 0700 PST, Wednesday, July 13, 2011 LONDON: US is pressing Pakistan to release a doctor being held for helping the CIA track down Osama bin Laden, a UK paper said in its report. Dr Shakil Afridi was arrested by Inter-Services...
  15. Bilal_Mushi

    Afridi Rushes home for sick father : Afridi leaving English county half-way

    Afridi Rushes home for sick father : Afridi leaving English county half-way KARACHI: All rounder Shahid Afridi leaving English county championship half-way has returned home for looking after his ailing father, Geo News reported. Shahid Afridi...
  16. Geek

    Afridi won't captain Pakistan again: Ijaz Butt

    KARACHI: Pakistan cricket chief Ijaz Butt has said former one-day captain Shahid Afridi will never lead the national side again, blaming him for losing matches against the West Indies in May. "In my opinion, perhaps considered wrong by some people, he made us lose the fourth and fifth...
  17. 9

    Shahid Afridi Booming English County By 3 Man Of The Match Awards In 5 Matches

    Shahid Afridi, a star from Pakistan is very busy in county league in England. He became Man of the match 3 times in 5 matches he played. What a great performance yar. In first match, he took one wicket and scored tow runs. In second match, he took 5 wickets. In third, he scored 29 runs and...
  18. Reema Show

    Reema Show - 26th June 2011 - Shahid Khan Afridi

  19. News Beat

    News Beat - 20th June 2011 - Shahid Afridi - Afridi & PCB Patch Up

  20. Bilal_Mushi

    Wah PCB Wah !!!!Zulqarnain got pardon with Rs 5 lacs fine for defaming Pakistan and Afridi got Rs 45

    Wah PCB Wah !!!!Zulqarnain got pardon with Rs 5 lacs fine for defaming Pakistan and Afridi got Rs 45 lacs. Zulqarnain Haider, the former Pakistan wicketkeeper, has been fined rupees 500,000 ($ 5,800) by the PCB for violating their code of conduct when he flew to London last November, mid-way...