I am going to Rawalpindi to attend PTI Jalsa, Who else is coming ?


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چغد بیٹا جلسے کے شرکاء کو محظوظ کرنےکیلئےرائیونڈ سے دو عدد طبلے بھی
منگوائےگئےہیں۔ سمجھ تو آپ گئے ہوں گے
The best one can't stop laughing.


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Can anybody tell me about Pindi jalsa atmosphere

I have attained the Karachi jalsa and I know what was the feeling of people in Karachi before jalsa..it was superb.

I am wondering what is happening in Pindi,. Please somebody from there share their views about preparation, atmosphere, and people's feeling..
and how is going to attend it?

PM ImranKhan

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Who is ready from pakistan to attend Rawalpindi jalsa.

Please if any one from lahore are going tomorrow liaquat bagh by GT road please take me from lalamusa. I want to go tomorrow jalsa


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Re: Can anybody tell me about Pindi jalsa atmosphere

matla saaf hay, dhoop nikli huwi hay,, or hawa main nami ka tanasub 16% hay :-)


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جیک کل جلن سے تمارا اور تمارے بغیر بالوں والے لیڈروں کا برا حال ہونے والا ہے
بہتر ہے پھٹکری برنول برف کا انتظام ابھی سے کرلو

jawad aziz

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i am not in Pakistan but i arrange at least 5 people to go there..insha Allah my father is attending julsa on my behalf...


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I am waiting for next jalsa of PMLN....INSHALLAH will join there......
wahan wo khud hi patwari,clerks ,teachers etc se ground bhar lein ge brother....if they cudnt bring any change in punjab in 5 years(bijli , law n order ,chori cakay etc) then how cud u trust them for another 5 years...MOMIN APNI GHALTIYO SE SABAQ SEKHTA HA dear..its Hadith

Star Gazer

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Are you making fun of the Pakistani youth by implying that they are buffoons and can be misguided so easily as the appearance of a singing band?
Or are you suggesting that all those who attend the jalsa of IK are idiots ,just because you don't have the faith? and thus only your faith counts?
This is remarkable insensitivity on your part for the feelings and aspirations of the youth and Pakistanis. You may not agree with any thing that IK and PTI stand for but you do not have to portray the youth as idiots just so you can prove your point.


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I am waiting for next jalsa of PMLN....INSHALLAH will join there......

yes, after a disappointing show in Attock that was clearly less than 50% of what PTI gathered in Attock, they really need more men to attend their Jalsas as they are really struggling..