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  • "Your posts reflects that you can sell your mother, sister and daughters for the pleasure of sharifs! This is the truth zehni ghuulam, zameen ki past tareen makhloq"

    Brother Iftakhar..! This Is Really Not Appropriate Way To Disagree From Someones Political Choice. We Hope That U Don't Use Such Language Again. Keep This Place And Environment Friendly And Learn To Respect Other Person's Choice. We Hope That U Don't Repeat All This Again.
    We judge you only through your statements but they have serious contradictions.

    1) You claimed
    You live at a place in Karachi where MQM could not touch you, could not dare to bring you and other members of your family to it's rallies on Gun Point.

    2) But you also claim
    A bigger Sin than bringing people to rallies is taking away Sadaqat of Poor People.
    But in this case MQM comes to your house, beat you and people, your MOM your neighbors are so much BUZDIL and cowards that they lock you up and give every thing to MQM what they wanted.

    3) Your 3rd statement also proves only this that you are the only "Brave" person, while all others from your family and neighbors are cowards and don't have the courage to fight for their rights. Why then still you blame MQM to not to fight PPP openly when MQM has absolutely no Power upon Police & Rangers and Army .... and at time of difficulty every one disappears including Judiciary and Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif and all other political parties?
    1) This proves nothing as I personally hate MQM after reading Iqbal and understanding the true meaning of life and values of life, yes, I hate MQM, and you should also hate MQM as I believe that they are the one who damaged the muhajir community the most. Karachi could have been much more ahead in economy and industrialization if law and order situation is not like today, and ultimately , urdu speaking community could have benefited the most.

    2) As I already mentioned, they were able to get the skin of qurbani just because my neigbours and my mother came between and they pushed me inside my gate and my mother locked the door... I announced that our qurbani is now void as our skin will be used for buying the gun that will be used to kill someone, so we have to do qurbani again, for that, I perosnally bought a goat at third day of Eid and did qurbani again at Jamia Farooqia!!

    So keep your thoughts to yourself!!! One thing more, are you paid blogger?
    You wrote:
    Aur shayayd, main bhi lehad main jaa chuka hota agar merai mohalai ko loag beech main naaa aa jatai aur MQM walon ko meri qurbani ki khaal zabardasti na laijanai daitai!!

    This proves:
    1) You indeed have a personal hatred against MQM ....
    2) And you were claiming MQM to be coward to not to fight against PPP for her right, while you yourself a coward and not fight against your right.
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