I am going to Rawalpindi to attend PTI Jalsa, Who else is coming ?


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All mummy daddy, nach gaan waley, soother (chusney) khany waley jaein gey-- anyone else missing?

چغد بیٹا جلسے کے شرکاء کو محظوظ کرنےکیلئےرائیونڈ سے دو عدد طبلے بھی
منگوائےگئےہیں۔ سمجھ تو آپ گئے ہوں گے

Jack Sparrow

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I am going to Rawalpindi to attend Liaqat Baagh Jalsa. We will leave for Rawalpindi tomorrow @10am from PTI Punjab head office Model Town Lahore. Who else on this forum is attending ?


I wish I could go, but our prayers and good wishes are with you all.

the whole pakistan will be going to jalsa .
tm dekh laina jaga nai hogi waha inshallah

yar ap k damgh mai kia tati bhari hoi ha???????????/ khuda k bunde akal se kam lo yar.. mian sb mian sabbbbbbb dor lant ay yarrrrrrr

Brothers, Rawalpindi city is the city of PTI now.Yesterday, Asma Shirazi's programme
"Faisla Aapka" showed the people of Rawalpindi saying that they will vote for PTI only.
Geo Islam! Geo Pakistan! Geo PTI! GEo Imran Khan! Vote for PTI only inshallah!

InshAllah... another historic jalsa... go IK go... we'r with you

I be there (jhanda)

PML na.liaq nai tu tamam rallies PPP k khilaf cancel kar dii hai aab tum aglay saal tak intazar karoo..achay bachoo k tara ... Kahoo zoor sa Noora Khushti Zindabad

Idhar Bhi Aisa Hee Hai .. . . !(bigsmile)

Death of pmln in upper punjab



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wE wish wE c0uld g0 but unf0rtuNatelY duE t0 exaM wE CaN't,,,,,,,

iT's mY desirE t0 seE hIm (iMraN kHaN) aNd enj0y hiS speEch,,,,,,,,,,,,,

bUt whEn IK c0mes t0 pEshawar 0r anYwherE iN KPK I mUst g0,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ibraHim 4rM thAnA MKD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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Me from chandni chowk ISF team. Yesterday we were doing membership campaign. thousands of people joined from pindi. Ch nisar kah logoon kay hosh urh gae.


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It does not matter how we feel, the reality will remain on ground and the reality is that it is again going to be more or less same results, hung parliament and a coalition government which at the moment means PPP led team again but if somehow PMLN makes good political moves (which they started now) then may be there is chance of PMLN leading the coalition. The best thing PTI can do is to focus fully on KPK and urban Punjab to pull off as many seats as possible and then they can be in a better position to bargain politically and have their presence in parliament. But in doing so they may also be helping PPP. One more option can be PMLN and PTI joining hands against Zardari which at the moment seems difficult because of Zardari s extraordinary evil genius....

Even if you see guys using internet and relatively educated still supporting PPP and PMLN, then what can you expect from lower class, illiterate people of Pakistan who actually go for voting and whose say only counts in our political elections process. See with a realistic view the best PTI can do is to somehow enter in Parliament and then create their own pressure group.

One last thing which comes to mind is to get ANP, JUIF, MQM and other smaller parties under PTI and make a new coalition but for that PTI needs enough seats to lead the coalition. This would be interesting but seems quite impossible due to lack of political acumen in PTI.... All in all, seems till time as "Agli bari phir zardari" ........

yar mera khoon khol jata ha.................... in gadoun ki soch daikh key........ abi b inko samjh nai atiii