Faisalabad: LHC disqualifies Rana Asif of PTI on grounds of bank default


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Don’t worry if he is corrupt then SC will restore him as they did for others.
If not corrupt possibly suffer.


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well, He should not take part if he is a defaulter. Pakistan is first. Why allow someone who has caused loses

Tabdeeli Razakar.

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I don't know why pti gave him the ticket in the first place.. this guy even lost the local-govt election as well back in 2015


MPA (400+ posts)
Rana Asif Tauseef THE INQALABI from Faisalabad
2002 elections = PMLN won later defected to PMLQ
2008 elections = PMLQ won
2013 elections = PMLZ lost
2018 elections = PTI ...... declared disqualified !! also has a fake degree !!