Facebook live for PTI Jalsa in Thokur Niaz Baig-Lahore on July 19, 2018. Why PTI popularity went so much down in Punjab?


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Jaaahil aadmi khaali kursiyaaan dikha ker aur waqt say pehlay ke videos dikha ker ...khush hotay rahoo....magar...haqeeqat yeh hay k Imran Khan k Jalsay aur Awam ka junoon , donoon he iss waqt arooj per heein......tum apni daihaaaryaan laghaatay rahoooo....maryam nawaz kay media cell kee paidawaar.....laghay rahooo...


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Patwaris are so insane that they keep repeating the same action, but expect a different outcome. They will make a video of the Jalsa hours before Imran Khan arrives, then superimpose the audio later and present it to the public as a failed event.

My question is where did bhagori Qatari whore and her haram khor khinzeer noora do jalsas today? Did they address the mosquitoes or rats in aidyala today? Any footage of that? Allah ki laanat on all paid patwaris who will sell their soul for a few rupees.


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it went down because people have realised that Noon league are the ones that can solve the issues related to the people. Whether it be load shedding, jobs, clean water, free from gutter water on streets etc...

Please come back noon league and rule once again, we forgive NS for his corruption as well, we will not say a peep related too looting of awam taxes. Pardon all the corrupts of PK. ......


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)

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