Emerging Political Crisis in Balochistan, PMLN to Loose Provincial Government

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Pakistan Keeping Baluchistan at cost of
1. Corrupt Army, Levi, FC posted there made Billions among them current NSA Janjua ,doing drama Fararis are surrendering with Jaali Baloch Pictures
2. 2 Numberi Baloch and Pakhtoon Uchakka Representative doing corruption with both hands.
Allah Balochistan aur Pakistan ke Logon par Reham Karey


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inshallah baluchistan will remain part of pakistan. Our army is our. Pride.
Inshahallah Ham Akhri Sans Tak -Corruption will our Part-:lol:
He divided Karachites to kill one another one MQM Kamaloo group and other PPP Aziz Baloch Group Thousands killed and he Looted Karachi 33000 billions more than defense budget of Sri Lanka.
This last Meeting telling truth of the story- Bajwa Said minimum you can do Take Retirement.
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So this was the threat of JUI that made PMLN backtrack on their FATA move.

So if KPK & Sindh also dissolve their assemblies, will we move toward general elections.