Email from a PTI well wisher to Munir Ahmad Baloch

Zeeshan Abbasi

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Zulfi Khan

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Raja MubasherSaleem Zindabad! the whole media is biased;
it never shows any jalsa of Imran Khan.The people of Pakistan
must recognise those who have been ruling Pakistan since a long time without delivering any thing to the poor men.

Geo Imran Khan! Geo PTI! Vote for PTI inshallah!

Mr Sane

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Being a neutral person i totally agree with Mr. Mubashir.
The 65 years of Pakistan with such situation would be held responsible for mal nurturing of our generation.
The irrational practices are the product of the system not the party.
Such elements are the part of whole society which is present in every party of Pakistan as such parties extract their supporters from society not from pluto, jupitor or any country other than Pakistan.


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بہت بے عزتی کی ھے جاوید چودھری کی ۔لیکن اس بے شرم کو بے عزتی کی کیا پروا

مجھے یقین ھے کہ یہی ای میل اس لڑکے نے جاوید چودھری کو بھی بھیجی ھوگی اور بجائے جواب دینے کے وہ یہی واویلا کریگا کہ دیکھا تحریک انصاف والے کتنے بدتمیز ھیں، بڑوں کو ایسے ای میلز کرتے ھیں۔ لیکن حرام خوروں میں اتنی اخلاقی جرات کہاں کہ ایسے خط کو اپنے کالم کی زینت بناسکے۔

بہت خوب مبشر سلیم اور منیر صاحب۔


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I was of the same opinion when Sana Bucha was the first one to blame PTI youth being ignorant and ill-mannered because i think its a conspiracy to discourage our youth to take part in politics. You know these so called anchors took the weaknesses of our society as a greatest charge against PTI and portrays that PTI cant bring the change. I dont know why they forget that a big propotion of educated youth is supporting PTI which is pushed to back-foot by doing such non-sense propaganda. Now we can see that the paid smelly propaganda machine of pml(n) is using worst language against PTI on social media but no cries and no tears from these alligators. I hope more people will do this moral courage to diagonse the real cause of the failure of our society and if they will not properly diagonse this diease then we will never find a cure for it ...... People should understand the youngster should be given benefit of doubt because everyone needs some time to learn political manners ..... i question to all those journalists can they tell us how did they spend their adolescence ...... you know Najam Sethi was fighting along with balochis separtist in 1970s when army did operation against them ..... now one can ask how you took guns against your own army and now you are becoming a champion of disarment of armed malitias ..... well he is saying right but what he did in his past is totaly against his words ..... i think it should be a matter of concerns for all the educated elite to tackle this problem as a national problem and to tie this problem to a certain political party will not help us to find a solution ..... Good Article i hope some so called well-mannered journalist will now understand the root cause of it.....
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I feel critisism should always be taken positively,people should improve themselves rather then answering unrationally to the critics.


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who are you thanking? the critic or the acuser?or the thread starter:P

بی بی ایک آنکھ سے دیکھو گئی تو ایسا ہی نظر آئے گا۔۔ دونوں آنکھوں سے دیکھو تو شائد بات آپ کے دل و دماغ تک پہنچ جائے۔


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بی بی ایک آنکھ سے دیکھو گئی تو ایسا ہی نظر آئے گا۔۔ دونوں آنکھوں سے دیکھو تو شائد بات آپ کے دل و دماغ تک پہنچ جائے۔

oho to ap hi bata do woh kisko thanks keh raha tha.i didnt get who he thanked.


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criticism can be taken positively only when it is not for the sake of criticism. where the critic himself serves as a fodder of those parasites and leeches who have sucked the blood of this doomed and ruined nation to its roots, his critique should be dealt exactly the way that guy did by writing a splendid piece in response. (clap)


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Very well written and reflects my views, i don't expect PMLN and PPP supporters to understand this because they have supported these parties all their lives and their elders have told them these parties are good without thinking Pakistan. When i see this propaganda agaist PTI and Imran Khan, i NEVER think about Imran or PTI's future because he is not here to polish his political career but ONLY for his country and i fear for this country. Imran has given us an EXCELLENT option to change how the country operates butunfortunately our bholay bhalay/JAHIL awaam will regret only when things are out of hand. Same hypocrites will wonder WHY our country never changes :)
Sometimes i think i should stop worrying about Pakistan & Pakistanis, afterall i am living a comfortable life overseas so why should i struggle for people who do not deserve it?


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سٹیٹس کو اور ان کے حواریوں نے تحریک انصاف کے خلاف محاز کھولا ہے۔
اور باقاعدہ جنگ کا آغاز کردیا ہے۔
اس کا مطلب ہے کہ تحریک انصاف صحیح سمت میں جارہی ہے۔انشاّاللہ تعالی


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hahahah aik aur daba danishwar. Ab PMLN per ilzaam kionkay mulk PTI kee badmashion say punah mangta hai. Zaroor PMLN kay log he kursian utha ker bhagey houn gey aur zaroor woh he hallar machatey houn gey PTI kay jalsoon mein. Laikin PTI kay jalsoon mein to sarey he rola daltay hain is ka matlab saaarey jalsay PMLN say bharey hotay hain?

Kaisi kaisi besharam explanations daikhnay ko milti hain. Sharam tum ko per nahi aati (bigsmile)