Breaking NEWS: New Drone Attack in Miran Shah, what about Parliament resolution?


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ARY just reported two missiles were fired by American Drones in Miran Shah, killing 4 people.

Parliament passed the resolution, to act if drones strike again. Let us see the reaction of these shameless liars.


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parliament resolution is just like a waste piece of paper.......... america doesnt care about parliament...... kuch nahi ho ga yaar.. puran salary pe kaam kartay rahain gay yeh cult leader...........


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@greed with Malik, nothing is gonna happen.. they are gonna target our nukes this tym, nothing will happen.. jis qoum kay awam hi khamosh rhayen wahan kuch change nahi hosakta...


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you people either very young or new in Politics.

You dont know PAKISTANI Politics / ISI or Army officers. Hopefully slowly slowly you will learn BUT

Problem will you guys , YOU guys ALWAYS FORGET or easy to clean your memory. so you will NEVER understand Pakistani Poliitcs or ISI or Army officers.

They (Army/ISI and Politiian) will ALWAYS have a GOOD LIFE better than people in USA / British counter part.

You and me will always worried on Water, Electric, Food pricing gone higher or school fees


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Not came here for apology: John Kerry

Staff Report
ISLAMABABAD: US Senator John Kerry said on Monday that his visit did not mean to say 'sorry' on Abbottabad operation, adding that Pakistani nation must decide if it is with terrorists or with peaceful people.

He said that several questions are being raised in US Congress over aid to Pakistan.

"The Abbottabad operation was kept covert to ensure security of US forces. No question of trust, even I was informed after operation," he added.

"Osama bin Laden violated Pakistan's sovereignty."

He said that 35,000 Pakistani citizens and 5,000 army personnel were killed in Al Qaeda attacks.

John Kerry said that US Secretary State Hillary Clinton will visit Pakistan soon.

He said that all projects under Kerry-Lugar Bill shall continue.

“We realize that the issue of Pakistan’s sovereignty is very serious,” he maintained.

“Osama bin Laden senselessly killed over 3,000 innocent people of US,” he added.
Agencies add: U.S. Senator John Kerry said during a visit to strategic ally Pakistan on Monday that he told Pakistani officials Washington had "grave" concerns over Osama bin Laden's presence in Pakistan before the al Qaeda leader was killed in a U.S. raid.

"I expressed as clearly as possible grave concerns in the United States over Osama bin Laden's presence in Pakistan and existence here of sanctuaries for adversaries in Afghanistan," Kerry told a news conference.
US Senator John Kerry on Monday called Pakistan and the United States "strategic partners with a common enemy" as he sought to ease distrust in the wake of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Kerry said he had held "constructive conversations" with Pakistan's leaders but reiterated "grave concerns" over the presence in Pakistan of the Al-Qaeda terror chief and sanctuaries of US adversaries in Afghanistan.

"More importantly I explained that I am here with the backing of President (Barack) Obama, (US) ambassador (to Pakistan Cameron) Munter and their team to find a way to rebuild the trust between our two countries," he said.

"We must never lose sight of this essential fact. We are strategic partners with a common enemy in terrorism and extremism.

"Both of our countries have sacrificed... so much that it just wouldn't make sense to see this relationship broken or abandoned," he added. SAMAA


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what you think if there drone attack our parliament house on that time when our Honorable parliamentarians are setting in section and PM is condemning Drone Attack what a idea wha azize wha


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Kerry is still here , just put him in Wazeeristan for next one year..... people of Wazeeristan will talk to him by themselves...

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main kis k haaht pay apna laho talash karon........?
tamam shehr nay pehnay hoay hin dastanay.....................:(:(:(


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hum pakistanion key mun per aik or karara thapar america ki taraf sey sirf in begairat politicians ki waja sey.
or vote do in haram ion ko


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common guys its just another gift from our politicians and army personals to Mr. John Kerry... Hum aik baighairat kaum hain aur us kaum ki taqdeer kabhi nahi badlai ge jo khud apni taqdeer nahi badalna chahti...


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Amazing what money laundary, murder, loot maar, daka, can do to the nation.

US is black mailing the hukmran to its worst. We should wait n see what those brave parliamentarians do now. How do they interrupt supplies to the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation


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حملہ ہو گیا

١٤ مئی کو بے شرموں اور بغیرتوں کی پارلیمنٹ نے یہ قرار داد منظور ہوئی،کے اگر dron حملہ ہوا تو ناٹو کی suply کو بند کر دیں گئی، حملہ تو ہو گیا .اب دیکھیں گے کہ پاکستان keہیجڑے کیا کرتے ہیں.بے غیرت ہیجڑو وزارتوں کی بندر بانٹ کب تک کرتے رہو گے. لوگو اب تو باہر نکلو.


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Re: حملہ ہو گیا

Yeh baygairat aoor hejray dohree shahreat rakhtay hain,nikal kar apnay apnay mulkoon koo chalay jain gay,Yahan per too yeh mulazmat per aatay hain,aorr inkee koi zimedaree naheen hay iss mulk kay liay.


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Yeh baygairat aoor hejray dohree shahreat rakhtay hain,nikal kar apnay apnay mulkoon koo chalay jain gay,Yahan per too yeh mulazmat per aatay hain,aorr inkee koi zimedaree naheen hay iss mulk kay liay.​


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Re: حملہ ہو گیا

Us din aadhi raat tak to aise baithe the parliament mein jaise bare serious or mukhlis log hain ... drame baaz saare ab nawaz sharif sahab aik aur dead line de deinge ...jaisi qaum waise hukmaran ...shame on us