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    Why Deputy Speaker Qasim Sori Adjourned National Assembly Session?Details by Azam Gill | Abdul Majid

  2. CNN

    اپوزیشن کی آرمی ایکٹ میں حکومت کو ووٹ دینا مجبوری۔۔ وجوہات جانیں عمر انعام سے

  3. A

    Watch Mushahid Ullah response when he criticized PPP in parliament in past

  4. A

    Murad Saeed is one man army of PTI in parliament: Rauf Klasra

  5. Pak News Official

    Parliament cannot legislate in against Constitution, Chief Justice repiled to Prime Minister

  6. JamaliAhsan

    Parliamentarians wants to change the definition of " SAADIQ & AMEEN" Dr. Danish

    Dr Danish got angry on parliamentarians when they want to change the definition article 62 & 63 890090516225941504 890113431935889409 Dr.Danish appeals Imran Khan and Siraj-ul-Haq “Do not accept any amendment in Article 62 & 63” "Jo bhi siasi jamatein insaf ki baat kerti hain aur aam admi ki...
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    Govt Kehti Hai Ke 1947 Se Lekar Pori Dunya Ka Ehtasaab Karlo Bas Nawaz Sharif Ka Nahi - Aitzaz Ahsan

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    Bring Panamaleaks issue in Parliament and let's debate on it. PMLN advisers to PM Nawaz Sharif

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    Fighting breaks out in Nepal parliament in constitution row

  10. PkRevolution

    Facebook campaign to attack Parliament in Islamabad during session!!!!!!!!!!

    Urgently required Facebook campaign professionals Our aim is to collect millions and millions of Pakistanis to attack parliament in Islamabad during session. Corrupt politicians will get their punishment by our justice. We can't see anymore these bastereds looting our country. Politicians...
  11. crankthskunk

    PM Gilani lied to the Parliament: The NEWS

    After claiming that he is the Executive with the highest authority according to the Constitution, and not the SC, the thief Gilani is now lied to the Parliament. But what is little lying for the Politicians of Pakistan? Send your dogs, like Abidi, Sharmila, Qamar Zaman to the shows, and...
  12. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 1st August 2011 - Asma Jahangir, Khawaja Saad Rafiq & Azam Sawati - Parliament Superi

  13. gazoomartian

    Parliament is supreme over all institutions: Zardari - reports Dawn

    Gazoo Notes: YES Mr Zardrai! Parliament has the supremacy but not when its headed by some idiots and anti Pak ghaddars. ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari said on Friday that the Parliament is supreme over all other institutions, DawnNews reported. A high level meeting was called at the...
  14. MediaCell

    Breaking News: PTI to stage Dharna/Sit-in infront of Parliament House end of July

    Announcement by Chairman Imran Khan in Press Conference: - PTI to stage Dharna/Sit-in infront of Parliament House in end of July. - Hakumat Hatao, Mulk Bachao Jalsa to be arranged in Faisalabad on 24th July. - PTI will stage sit-in every week of Ramadan against the corrupt government...
  15. Geek

    Video of Parliament's in-camera session reaches US diplomats?

    ISLAMABAD: Information pertaining to the handing over of a CD, containing a full video recording of the in-camera joint sitting of parliament held to discuss the Abbottabad raid on May 13, to the US mission will be probed and in this regard action will be taken today (Friday). The CD is in the...