Best of all, is a change within!

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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Best of all, is a change within!
Heated debates on myriad private TV channels and much active forums are all part of a sinister plan (singing to the tune of music) orchestral by their sponsors WHO actually are all behind America either directly or indirectly. Collective interest is Money better say, US Dollars! All occupational endeavors are on a single point agenda thats to perpetuate their strong influence & rule on all having natural resources in abundance. Wealth is the mother of all ills ushered in social and moral fibers of nations having diversified culture, religion, sect and creed. Control on sources like, Tourism, Mining, Air & Space Technology, Research & Development, Transportation, Education, Explorations, Generation and Manufacturing is the major issue. Specific and to the point understanding shall easily be had if the clandestine motives are assessed or gauged by them who are front-end puppets of self projected powerful war lords. Those who can not bear enormous pressure fell an easy prey against the propagated allegations even without putting a (noticeable) resistant struggle, to remain free from the clutches of these vampires!

Knowledge is the antidote to fears. Aggressors might and strength becomes meaningless if the hidden motives and weaknesses are known. History is full of human atrocities on weaker nations but the end result is always a retreat either on completion of main objective or on having a strong and vibrant struggling movement as witnessed in case of USSRs forceful occupation in Afghanistan within a short period of recent past.

Lesson of history is always neglected and same mistake is repeated by others having unlimited confidence in their might and strength. When Mongolians came out from their safer heavens to get food for themselves after long and un-ending thoughtful season their brutal assaults on the civilized world seem no ending but when they turned towards civilization and Islam they become torchbearers in removing the stumbling blocks to provide relief to the oppressed masses from the forceful occupations of territories by another aggressor!

Nevertheless, they learned a lesson and eventually left their footprints in almost all segments of society not only in adjoining areas but, also at far-flung parts of Central Asia including Russia and China, as well.

Today, the occupational forces in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan & Kashmir are not for their own survival but their purpose is to stabilize the depleting economy and gain control (on a wider scale) to stretch beyond their existent boundaries using all forceful means at their disposal. Jews and Hindus are after Greater Israel and Akhund Bharat whereas; America and her NATO allies had no other agenda than ensuring cheap (almost free) supplies of Petroleum & Natural Gas for an unlimited period to run their Industries smoothly and having a financial stability in their economy. Though fatalities are ever increasing because of resistance by the Afghans but their lust had no limits.

Sophisticated arms and ammunitions definitely had an edge but spirit is whats essentially required to win battles. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. Soldiers accustomed to luxurious livings can not fight with them who are immune to hardships and had a purpose behind to fight, with vigor. Such rivals can only be encountered with better strategy and diehard approach. Root cause of Americans and allied NATO forces collective failure and inefficiency for last several years is that they are hanky-panky gathered to fight for an alien cause.

Crux is that, an honorable retreat has almost become impossible in the wake of prolonged war and inflexible behavior of their supreme authority and high-up in Pentagon and the White House who are cautiously afraid of possible repercussions in the aftermath of an apparent defeat.

Important factors in risk management are firstly to avoid secondly to share and lastly to shift them on some one else. Americans had a track record of turning against others when it suits their individual interest no matter whether they are old associates or present adversary like IRAN. Pakistan being a Non-NATO ally (on record) is equally not invulnerable to American threats, if worst comes worst for them.

Never forget, Volcanoes only erupt when the presser and heat generated in their depth is constantly increasing and gets over a sustainable limit. This eruption is an uncontrollable process by outer means and ends only then, when all built-in pressure is erased or gets evaporated. Pakistan is never endangered as grossly claimed by the analysts and anchors in our print and electronic media, today. Its destined to stay and rise with glory and pride in years to come!
Best of all, is a change within! (Breeding faster than imagined).
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