ASma jhangir ke ghadar dr shakeel k lea hamdardian..


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He provided information to other country. What is this has to do with human rights. What about the human beings living in the country, the only people who are living quietly in Pakistan and working hard for their survival only they do not have any human rights and they are being killed everyday all over Pakistan.
A person is convicted for treason and AJ is talking about his human rights. What a shame....pathetic..sick...


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What about the drone attacks. Is this is not against human rights.
Why they only speak of human rights when it comes to the interests of other countries.
What about aafia human right or the three killed by Davis or the drones murdered she is a secular ***** I hope someone blows her head off like taseers the dog


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For all the people who are missing the point she is trying to make - here is a quote from PTI leader and ex-supreme court judge who pretty much said the same thing. Lets see what all the people commenting here have to say about reitired Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed ....he is even questioning if there was a crime at all - even though I think that he did commit a serious crime - but that would be MY opinion. Due course of law has to take place and every aspect should have been investigated. The guy should have had his day in the court and thats exactly what Asma and Wajihuddin are saying.


Wajihuddin Ahmed, a former supreme court judge, said the FCR did not cover Abbottabad where the writ of regular Pakistani law runs. The authorities may have wished to deal with the case in a "hush hush type of hearing".
"Everyone is entitled to be tried in an ordinary court and in ordinary way and I cannot understand why they would do that if the offence if it is an offence at all was committed in Abbottabad," he said.


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غدار کی حمایت ایک غدار ہی کر سکتا ہے

صہی تو کہ رہی ہے انگریز کے قانون کے مطابق اس کو بری ہونا چاہئے- اگر اسلامی قانون ہوتا پھر اس کے منہ سے بات ہی نہیں نکلتی اور آفریدی کی سزا سر کانٹے کا لگتا


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kaya drama chal raha hai wow, operation main pakistan army puri tarah shamil thee, airforce ko already pata tha aur es doctor ko saza de rahe hain. Aur maze ki baat hai log phir bhi es army k boot chat rahe hain.
who cares about a doctor when your whole institutions are full fledged partner in this attack


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Iskaa asli naam kia hay,asima ? asma jahangir?ASLI NAAM KOO BATTA LGAKAR DOOSARAY NAAM KAA THAPPAA LAGWA LIAA,Waisay koi kia yeh bataa saktaa hay keh yeh kon hay?


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give corrupt People the power and money they show their every thing like Veena Malik :lol::lol::lol: in public mags