13 more parliamentarian has duel nationality : PML(N) Kh. Asif is also a Canadian citizen.


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13 more parliamentarian has duel nationality : PML(N) Kh. Asif is also a Canadian citizen.




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Dual Nationality : SC admits petition against 14 members of assemblies

ISLAMABAD : The Supreme Court bench hearing the Dual Nationality case, has ordered a petition to be admitted by the registrar’s office, alleging that 14 more members of the national and provincial assemblies hold dual nationalities.
The petition has been filed by former president of the Rawalpindi Bar Association, while notices have been issued to the 14 lawmakers.
According to the petition, Finance Minister Senator Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Deputy Chairman Senate Sabir Baloch, MNAs Amna Buttar, Anushay Rehman, Khwaja Asif, Farhat Muhammed Khan, hold dual nationalities.
In the provincial assemblies, MPAs Nadeem Khan, Waseem Qadir, Ashraf Chohan, and Muhammed Ikhlaque of the Punjab Assembly hold dual nationalities.
In Sindh, MPAs Ahmed Ali Shah, Nadia Gabol, and Tariq Allana, are said to be holding dual nationalities.


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mera khyyal hy,, Rana Asif( finance minister of punjab).ki baat ho rahi hy.. kh.asif ki nahin... lakin ho sakta hy ye ********* bi duel nationality rakhta ho


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I hope SC will suspend memberships of all duel national parliamentarians (including PMLN) otherwise PPP will rightly claim that they are being targeted.


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Khawaja Sahib Nationality na choorna bhaagnee kee jagah buhat jaldi chahiye ho gee


Khawaja Asif denied that he ever had any other country nationality. Watch today's "off the records" or "Islamabad tonight".

I think 99% of PTI leadership is imported from US and UK. Pagal Khan himself is son in law of Israelis. Also, most of PTI Jalsa funding is coming from UK.

Pagal Khan is dead quiet on this issue. Baghi ko bi bolti bund ho gae hai. Bahi Baghi Baghi and now bagi.

Zia Rehman

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If we dig more into this matter, who knows we find out that Noora is also a british or Saudi citizen??.hmmmmm.


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Tab tak uss nay deny nahee kiya tha....................... without looking at the time I posted the comment and and behaving like an smart as_mirza ............ bohat buri baat.

khaja asif is ko deny kar chuka hai
phir bhi....buri baat...


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Khawaja Haramboti..Pakra gya chor ka bacha[hilar]..Candian citizenship ke saath Pakistan main Noora league adl-o-insaaf qaayem ker raha hai[hilar]
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