1. H

    Stunning Punjabi Singer With Melodious Voice
  2. S

    Street child Singer at Karachi

  3. Amna_Amo

    Why singer Ali Haider has left singing?

  4. Keepinformed

    New Singer Usman Malik...absolutely brilliant song!

    I was passed on this link through facebook. This song seems to be very catchy. I am happy that Pakistan is producing such a great talent. We should fully support talent. Enjoy guys...
  5. A

    Pakistani singer wins first prize in Turkey The singer is Muhammad Salman from Pakturk International School Islamabad, who participated in a Turkish competition show and got first position out of 250 participants. The Participants were representing 145 countries. Translation in...
  6. jhootaylog

    Best Taliban Singer " Waziristani Taliban"
  7. Wadaich

    Singer Asma Lata Turns Out to be an Indian Spy- Aman KI Aasha! Hor Choopo.
  8. mohib

    "Annie" A Pop Singer disrespecting National Flag

  9. Bilal_Mushi

    Wasim Akram caught on camera: admiring singer Ali Zafar

  10. tiger54

    Amazing pakistani singer!!! i get goosebumps listening to her!!!