1. ealtaf

    Mafias being supported by political parties in Karachi: Imran Khan

    PTI CIS Omar Sarfraz Cheema has Condemned the Ruthless Bloodshed in Karachi (Aug 20, 2011) Lahore 20th Aug: Pakistan Tehreek I Insaf Central Information Secretary Omar Sarfraz Cheema has condemned the ruthless bloodshed in Karachi. He said the government's incompetence and lack of will to deal...
  2. IK ka sipahi

    Mr & Mrs Umar sarfraz Cheema at Rohi TV

  3. Pakistan Tonight

    Pakistan Tonight - 4th August 2011 - Umer Sarfraz Cheema & Owais Laghari - Can Imran Khan win next

  4. ealtaf

    President PTI Balochistan Qasim Khan Suri Addresses at Huge Jalsas in Various Districts of Balochist

  5. Jack Sparrow

    Blood Shed in Karachi was predicted by Syed Sarfraz Shah Sahab.

    Blood Shed in Karachi was predicted by Sufi Nazir Sahab. So we can also sense the Golden Era to come.
  6. Reema Show

    Reema Show - 19th June 2011 - Sarfraz Nawaz

  7. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 9th June 2011 - Mehreen Anwar Raja, Azam Swati & Ahsan Iqbal - Sarfraz Murder: Recorded St

  8. billo786

    Durood, Peer, Namaz By Janab Sarfraz Ahmad Shah Sahaab

  9. Sirf Such

    Sirf Such - 5th June 2011 - Salman Butt, Ijaz Butt & Sarfraz Nawaz - Cricket or Politics??

  10. 11th Hour

    11th Hour - 31st May 2011 - Rashid Latif & Sarfraz Nawaz

  11. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 21st April 2011 - Umer Sarfraz Cheema, Kamil Ali Agha & Marvi Memon

  12. ahmadalikhan

    Authentic Way of Selecting A Head of State In Islam (by Syed Sarfraz A.Shah)

    Spiritual Scholar Syed Sarfraz A. Shah answering a question about selection of Head/President/Ruler/Caliph of State in Islam. there are no concept of 'Waris' for Head of State in Islam. Its the Only and Best way and we should try to returning to it.
  13. Bilal_Mushi

    Imran Farhat should be the next Test Captian of Pakistan : Sarfraz Nawaz

    Is he (as always) out of his mind? Watch 9:00 minutes onwards.
  14. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters -1st April 2011 - Anwar Baig, Rauf Klausra, Sarfraz Nawaz & Muhsin Hassan Khan

  15. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 31st March 2011 - Sikandar Bakht, Sarfraz Nawaz & Ahsan Iqbal - What We Need to Impro

  16. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 29th March 2011 - Sarfraz Nawaz & Shakeel Shaikh - Except Cricket, In How Many Field

  17. Islamabad Tonight

    Islamabad Tonight - 28th March 2011 - Sarfraz Nawaz & Mudasar Nazar - Pak-India Semi Final!!

  18. ahmadalikhan

    Final and Decisive Battle will be fought in Panipat India (Syed Sarfraz A. Shah)

    On 13, March 2011, In Abdul Qadir Hassan Express column, Syed Sarfraz A. Shah mentioned a war between Pakistan and India in near future. Read more about that war from book Okhay Olrhay by Mumtaz Mufti, predicted 20 years ago by Shah Sahab. For readers who cant read urdu English Translation...
  19. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 25th March 2011 - Ex Cricketer Sarfraz Nwaz - Invitation From Manmohan Sin

  20. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 23rd March 2011 - Javed Miandad, Sarfraz Nawaz & Intkhab Alam