Capital Talk - 31st March 2011 - Sikandar Bakht, Sarfraz Nawaz & Ahsan Iqbal - What We Need to Impro


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who said this is a game ? this is a profession and they must have won. they are paid for each and every game. haven’t they taken money for playing this game??
they are paid for winning not for just playing


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media men are very clever . first they themselves created this hype( to earn adds and money) and now they are saying that we should stay calm.


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Bhai Sarfraz Nawaz in MQM?:lol:[hilar][hilar]
Four runs through slips by Altaf Bhai.
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Thanks Hamid Mir nice programme. I agree with you and others that senior players should resign themselves with respect rather they have to be kicked out.Younis Khan ,kamran akmal ,Abdul Razak and misbahul haq gave their services to this nation but now time have come for a change in the national interest. There are many young players who deserve a place in the national team but could't because they dont have the connections. Bring back "Shoaib Malik and Azhar ali" in the national team.PCB should not let the talent of shoaib malik wasted just like keep him out of the team,a very good , solid all rounder with good experience. azhar ali is young blood and shown his maturity in cricket,so PCB should now concentrate on real and valuable players rather connection's one?


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Anwer Baig is the only one who spoke truth. Other politicians are just trying to make sure they remain neutral and don't give any opinion. Whatever Ahsan Iqbal is saying makes sense but doesn't answer the poor performance. There were strange things happening in the field which anyone who knows cricket a little bit could identify. Commentators were frustrated to see them not taking power play and not having fielders at slip. There is no justification of not taking power play at that time. Misbah, Younis Khan and Kamran Akmal need to be thrown out of team, and probably Razzaq as well.

Okie heard Sikandar's comments and he said exactly the same as I heard.

Shahid should still be the captain. I think poor Shahid is sorry coz the people to put pressure were no other than PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt and the Zardari squad. Shahid Afridi should be praised a lot. Even if he was forced to lose the match, it was not his fault. Sometimes, people are pressurized in a manner where they cannot do anything about it.

PCB Chairmanship should only be given to professionals i.e. ex-cricketers. We have many people who can fulfil the position.