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    UK’s National Crime Agency Accepts £190m Settlement From Pakistani Businessman

    LONDON (92 News) – The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has agreed £190m (Over Rs38 billion) settlement with a Pakistani national after frozen funds investigation. According to the National Crime Agency, the settlement includes a UK property valued at approximately £50 million. The agency has...
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    Maryam Nawaz invites Bilawal Zardari for meeting at Jati Umrah

  3. B

    Mujhey kyun Nikala

    These idiots (Nooney) are fully exposed even then they are trying to fool the public by diverting the attention to other non issues. May Allah give wisdom and open the eyes of our nation Ameen!
  4. Raja Naved Qurban Bhatti

    اک لڑکی تھی دیوانی سی، جو نواز سے پوچھا کرتی تھی

    1262016333943591 اک لڑکی تھی دیوانی سی، جو نواز سے پوچھا کرتی تھی یہ پیار کیا ہوتا ہے؟؟؟اور نواز کان میں کہتا تھا ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ ؟؟؟
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    Mother of nawaz shreef | Love of mother | کی ماں کی محبت nawaz shreef

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    All problem one Solution for Ex PM

  7. iSupportPTI

    Haroon Rashid Making Fun of Nawaz Mental State bcoz of Panama Case

    Just Smile :)
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    Malik Imran's Jaiza on Panama Case: Hussain Nawaz unwilling to appear before JIT-Jaiza Ep 46 (1/2)

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    Panama JIT decides to summon PM Nawaz

    ISLAMABAD: The Joint Investigation Team formed to investigate the Panama Leaks scandal has decided to summon Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and a notice in this regard has been prepared. According to details, the Prime Minister will be sent a notice along with the questions which the JIT...
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    Hussain Nawaz Ne Panama JIT Par Aitraaz Utha Diya

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    What happened with Nawaz Sharif in Saudi Arabia:--Nadeem Malik telling

    ALT LINK 1849452198641388
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    Saleem Bukhari Telling Inside Story What Really Happened In Saudi Arabia

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    Misaq-e-Corruption - A Story of Pakistani Corrupt Politicians

  14. iSupportPTI

    Have not seen a man more abusive than Imran Khan for Corrupt Rulers

    We have never seen a man more abusive than Imran Khan. And never seen politicians more polite than Abid Shir Ali, Rana Sana, Danyal, Talal, and all their gang. Check all their political history, along with their leader Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif and you will see the level of decency... but yes...
  15. b4umsf

    Companies owned by Mr Hasan Nawaz in uK

    Company & Function Status Flagship Investments Limited 04199377 (Active) Director, Company Director 12 Apr 2001 Present (15 years, 9 months, 19 days) Open Que Holdings Limited 04832659 (Active) Director, Company Director 15 Jul 2003 Present (13 years, 6 months, 16 days) Open...
  16. ArtistSajid

    نام بدلنے کے بارے میں بھی جھوٹ؟

    ایک اور جھوٹ ؟؟ یہ 2012 میں ٹویٹ کیا گیا، کہ میں نے مریم صفدر سے مریم نواز نام گیارہ سال پہلے تبدیل کر دیا تھا لیکن دستاویزات اور پاسپورٹ تو کچھ اور ہی بتاتے، پاسپورٹ 2008 میں بنا جس پر مریم صفدر ہی لکھا ہوا ہے بات چھوٹی ہو یا بڑی، بولنا جھوٹ ہی سیکھا ہے اس خاندان نے Tweet Link...
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    Nawaz Sharif Disqualification According To Math

    Nawaz Sharif can be disqualified according to simple math on the basis of two statements. Statement A: Nawaz sharif on the floor of the house "Jeddah ki factory farokht ki 2005 ma aur uski raqam say flat khreeday Statement B: Qatar prince letter "Flats were mine and we made adjustment in 2006...
  18. Adeelsaleem

    ISI chief may be sacked soon from his post Indian Media

    Alt Link 607502692787144

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